Potato JuiceRaw potato juice can be successfully used to treat many health conditions, including chronic ones. This natural product has 80 per cent of water, about 15 per cent carbs, as well as plenty of nutrients and micro-elements like vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, and others. Health benefits of potato juice embrace diuretic, anti-inflammatory, healing, energizing, and many other therapeutic properties. For many centuries it this natural remedy has been used to relieve gastritis and related digestive problems (especially the ones derived from increased stomach acidity). A mixture of raw potato juice with carrot juice and celery juice can be a great natural remedy for migraines and chronic headaches, nervous tension and other symptoms of stresses.  It is recommended to use raw potato juice to improve skin health and prevent type 2 diabetes. Finally, raw potato juice is an excellent natural detoxification agent with can be used to speed up evacuation of various toxins and radioactive chemical elements from the body.

A scientist at Manchester University in the UK heard about miraculous healing powers of raw potato juice from a grandma of her friend, who was saying that potato juice is known as a treatment for stomach ulcer, and the idea to find out more about the effects of using potato juice on digestive system and, in particular, about the effectiveness of this natural product as a natural stomach ulcer remedy. A team of microbiologists managed to find out that potato and raw potato juice can be used to treat all kinds of stomach ulcers caused by bacteria, which is commonly found in stomach and digestive system. This bacteria causes heartburn, stomach ulcers, and many other problems. stomach ulcer treatmentPotato juice can both prevent and cure the effects of this bacteria, due to a high content of unique molecule with very powerful natural anti-bacterial properties.Though this discovery is only one in the long line of many others made by Manchester University intellectual property department, it is very highly valued and considered one of the most promising scientific advancements.

There are two amazing advantages of using raw potato juice as potential natural stomach ulcer treatment. First of all, it is much safer and quite powerful compared to other numerous treatments for stomach ulcer. Many of the existing ones are lacking effectiveness, and various herbal remedies and natural solutions used as stomach ulcer treatments can only alleviate the condition. Besides, in contrast to the situation with common antibiotics, the bacteria causing stomach ulcer is not likely to develop resistance to the healing anti-bacterial molecule found in raw potato juice. Manchester University experts also tested various common types of potatoes which can be found in today’s markets, and the varieties King Edward and Maris Piper were proven to potentially work best as the samples of natural sources of the substance with amazing anti-bacterial properties.

Though the discovered molecule has not received a name yet, and the process of its extraction from raw potato juice has not been patented yet, the scientists are trying to create the ways of utilizing their new discovery. Manchester University scientists are hoping that their new discovery will soon be used for creating a new revolutionary diet supplement to be offered to all those who suffer from stomach ulcer, a very serious chronic condition linked to pretty much of pains and discomfort. As an alternative to diet supplement pill, it is proposed to produce a special treatment for stomach ulcer in the form similar to pro-biotic yogurts. ‘We see this ‘potato juice’ as a preventative measure to stop stomach ulcers developing that people would take as part of a healthy lifestyle. It could be a huge market if we can get it developed,’ Ian Roberts, one of the study leaders and professor of microbiology at the Faculty of Life Sciences, said. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are waiting for this new amazing stomach ulcer treatment, effective and presumably totally affordable.


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