Pomegranate ExtractUndoubtedly, pomegranate is one of the healthiest and the most valuable natural superfoods on earth, with a great deal of therapeutic actions and health benefits. This delicious fruit can be used to lower LDL ‘bad” cholesterol levels in blood this way lowering the risks of heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, as well as to protect us against numerous stresses at workplace and in our private life. Pomegranate takes an important place among the top 7 foods for men’s health, helping prevent prostate cancer and stimulating sexual desire of men. There are other numerous pomegranate and pomegranate juice benefits.

According to the findings a recent study, carried out by a group of Spanish specialists and sponsored by Pomegreat PurePlus, a regular consumption of pomegranate or pomegranate extract can have excellent rejuvenating effects. Namely, the study has shown that this natural remedy can play a role for slowing down aging processes in human DNA, this way preventing such health conditions as brain damage, muscle atrophy, kidney and liver malfunction, extreme skin aging and many more. PomegranateThe findings of Spanish experts were published earlier this months and evoked a great public reaction.

The experiments involved about 60 volunteers who were given a special formula, a pomegranate extract received from the peel, seeds and the pith of the fruit. Another group of volunteers was given placebo. The scientists monitored chemical processes in the body of every participant, and it turned out that those people who were having pomegranate extract for 30 days had much more improved markers showing cell damage. This kind of decrease in oxidation processes which naturally occurs with the time and is linked to aging, is attributed totally to consuming pomegranate extract.

We are very excited about this study which we believe demonstrates that regular consumption of this pomegranate extract can slow down the process of DNA oxidation,’ Dr Sergio Streitenberger, one of the study leaders, comments to Spanish mass media. It is very exciting to find a potential for slowing down aging in such a fruit as pomegranate, especially taking in the account the fact that nowadays, our bodies becoming depots for dozens of dangerous toxins and scores of harmful chemicals which speed up aging and bring to a great deal of illnesses. Let pomegranate extract benefits work for health and longevity of every one of us!

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