PistachiosPistachios are a very common type of nuts, and health benefits of pistachios are really numerous. This natural food is rich in proteins and fiber, thus, it is good for our digestion and weight management. Pistachios have good amounts of healthy fats and can assist us in preventing a great deal of cardiovascular problems. According to the findings of a study, the men who are consuming pistachios are better in bed! It was found out that those men who eat as much as 100 g of pistachios on a daily basis have decreased chances to suffer from erectile dysfunction and related problems.

A research on studying these health benefits of pistachios was carried out by a group of scientists at Atatürk Teaching and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey, and the findings were published about a year ago in the International Journal of Medicine and other reputable online editions. 17 male married men took part in the experiments. Erectile dysfunctionBefore starting the “pistachio diet” (consuming 100 g of this natural product at lunch every day), all of the participants reported about having certain problems in bed: in particular, they all suffered from erectile dysfunction of a certain degree.

The trials lasted for three weeks, and at the end of the experiment it turned out that men’s power and sexual performance of all 17 participants was boosted by 50 per cent in average. Also, all the participants demonstrated considerable improvements when answering the questions of an erectile function questionnaire, compared to their pre-diet results. Finally, Doppler ultrasound, general and local blood tests have shown that as a result of the pistachio diet, blood flow to penis increased by 22 per cent proving the effectiveness of pistachios for sexual problems in men.

Pistachio nuts are relatively high in the non-essential amino acid arginine, which appears to maintain flexible arteries and to enhance blood flow by boosting nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes blood vessels,” Dr. Mustafa Aldemir, one of the study leaders and a specialist of the Atatürk Teaching and Research Hospital in Turkey. In addition to the mentioned improvements, all men participating in the study managed to show serious reduction of bad LDL cholesterol levels in their blood. Turkish specialists underline that for their experiments they used raw in-shell pistachios, and those men who want to achieve the same result should not consume commercially produced precessed salty pistachios.

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    Thank you for your very informant article. It’s good to know these kinds of problems can be solved with nuts. I’m a firm believer in using all natural herbs and other foods to help with the body’s problems.