Pine Tree ExtractPine trees are among the most common plants on earth. They grow throughout all areas, to the north and to the south, both in natural environment and in our gardens and parks. Pine trees give us unique and special herbal remedies, including a variety of essential oils, herbal extracts and other herbal preparations with numerous therapeutic actions and healing powers. Scientists from Australia have recently found out that a pine tree extract can have positive effects on our memory, help us prevent memory loss and related health conditions, as well as assist people in more effective healing of various types of physical brain injuries.

The aim of experiments in Auckland University was to analyze the effects of pine tree extract known as Enzogenol, on brain activities and healing powers of human body. 60 participants with specific brain injuries received as a result of motor vehicle accidents, various sports and physical activities, falls, assaults, stroke and other related occurrences. Boost MemoryDuring the time period of three months, the brain injury sufferers were given the mentioned pine tree natural extract on an everyday basis, after which the changes in their brain activity both physical and mental were thoroughly studied.

It became apparent that treating people with brain injury for three months with pine tree extract had positive effects on memory and mental abilities. In particular, during the tests it became clear that brain injury sufferers had much better memory and improved attention span after pine tree extract treatment. They had less problems with memorizing the names of other people, as well as they were less likely to forget basic directions. These problems are considered quite common for those who suffered from a kind of serious brain injury.

Other than brain exercises, there are limited treatments available to improve damage,” Dr. Valery Feigin, AUT stroke specialist and one of the study leaders comments on the findings of his colleagues. He is convinced that it is necessary to go on the tests and experiments in order to find more evidence and study the mechanisms of how exactly pine tree extract can improve brain function and boost memory. According to the official statistics, brain injuries play a major role and become a cause of a great number of disabilities and deaths in today’s New Zealand. It costs the country about hundred million New Zealand dollars to cover up all the related expenses and insurance fees.

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