Health Benefits Of Bell PeppersBell peppers are juicy, crunchy, and very tasty foods, which are the most used as decorative motifs and ornaments. Native to South America, bell peppers go in a big array of colors: red, orange, yellow, purple and green colors, and sometimes they are called “sweet peppers”. Botanically, bell peppers should be considered fruit, but it is common to call them vegetables even though their taste is quite sweet. Health benefits of bell peppers have been known for centuries. Read the rest of this entry »

July 7, 2010

Lapacho TreeMany of us heard about Lapacho tea, or “the tea of Inkas“, which is traditionally very popular in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and other countries of South America. This unique therapeutic herbal tea is made from the bark of lapacho tree called Pink Ipe (Tabebuia impetiginosa). It has amazingly beautiful blossoms with mesmerizing fragrance. Lapacho tree can reach up to 30 meters and grows up for 600-700 years. Read the rest of this entry »

ylang ylang essential oilIn aromatherapy, ylang ylang essential oil is known as one of the most aromatic and relaxing essential oils. It is extracted by steam distillation from Cananga odorata, a large tree with beautiful yellow flowers with very long petals. Pleasant floral captivating scent of these flowers is used in perfumery and cosmetics. This tree is native to Indonesia and Malaysia, but now it is cultivated in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. Ylang ylang can be translated as something like “flower of flowers“. Read the rest of this entry »

IndigestionIndigestion, also known as dyspepsia or agnimandya (in Ayurvedic medicine) is quite a common condition caused by irregular secretion of digestive enzymes. This problem is accompanied with quite unpleasant symptoms, like a feeling of heaviness, burning or extra gases inside. Indigestion, as well as heartburn, is caused by too fast eating, not chewing well or eating in a wrong manner, overeating, eating improperly cooked foods, fried or too oily foods, food allergies and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

June 30, 2010

marjoram benefitsMarjoram (Satureja hortensis) is a perennial medicinal herb which is native to the Mediterranean region and grows in great amounts in Sicily. By the way, in Italy we believe that this plant can prevent sorrow.  It is a delicate bush with small fragrant white flowers and dark green, oval and soft leaves. Marjoram plays an important role in ancient Indian medicine, and its products, especially marjoram tea and poultices, are used for a variety of health conditions: primarily muscle spasms, blood circulation problems, insomnia and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

eye healthVision is one of the key senses we have, and it is very important to take a good care about our eye health. Unfortunately, in our times the incidence of various eye problems, starting from common myopia and conjunctivitis and ending with cataracts and glaucoma, is increasing. Look at the people around you, how many of them are forced to use glasses even in their young ages? Read the rest of this entry »