Alergic To FruitsAllergies are a true curse of our times, and every year, more and more people find themselves sneezing, itching, suffering from running nose, swollen lips, throat, or tongue, or showing other symptoms of allergies. Sometimes it is very hard to figure out what exact allergy a patient suffers from, and even the best allergy tests fail to give an answer to that question. It may take years to find out what kind of allergy one or another person has developed. Some experts explain the increasing number of various types of allergies and the number of people suffering from this problem with increasing pollution, increasing amounts of toxic substances in everything that surrounds us, including the products we use for cleaning our houses, washing our skin or hair, adding to our daily meals, etc. For example, being allergic to washing powder is becoming more and more common, especially for the people who reside in the most developed countries of the world. There is a truly great number of allergies, and there is very serious threat to  the health of people suffering from allergies due to increased exposure to the allergens, or allergy causing substances. Read the rest of this entry »

ready to eatIn our times, it is not easy to find a housewife or a housekeeper who does not use ready to eat foods. Very often we buy frozen vegetables, cut or sliced vegetables, mushrooms or fruits, and so on for cooking our meals. Those who are trying to eat healthy usually use some healthy ways of cooking for such kinds of foods (like baking, grilling, etc.). But what about the products like cut and ready to eat greens: salads, chopped greens, and others? It is not always possible to use heating when cooking those and this way kill all dangerous bacteria. The scientists got interested in this issue and took some samples from pre-cut salad leaves. The findings they’ve received after analyzing the samples were more than shocking: the number of bacteria in per-cut salad turned out to be really huge, making this ready to eat food more dangerous than ready to eat beefburgers. Read the rest of this entry »

Sugary DrinksIn our times, the issues of healthy and unhealthy eating are being very vividly discussed in our media, that is why overwhelming majority of modern people are aware what kind of foods are considered unhealthy and  linked to increased health risks, or what foods are supposed to be healthy and provide our body with great natural health benefits. Thus, we are trying to avoid consuming sweet foods, fried foods, the food high in glycemic index, all high calorie foods, and other types of foods which can cause weight gain or other unwanted effects. At the same time, not many people are aware about the fact that not only foods we eat, but also the drinks we consume can be very unhealthy and possibly even more dangerous to our health than some foods. Certainly, I am talking about sugary drinks, carbonated drinks, and all other sweetened drinks which most of us like so much. Read the rest of this entry »

Grapefruit effectsGrapefruit is considered one of the most healthy fruits, and grapefruit benefits are very well researched and proven by numerous scientific studies. A lot is said about grapefruit effects for weight loss, and this amazing fruit can be used to speed up metabolism and substantially reduce calorie consumption of a person who wants to lose weight. One of the most famous and effective crash diets is based on these properties of grapefruits. In addition, these fruits are very highly valued for their rich and diverse nutrient content, and by adding some fresh organic grapefruit to our daily diet we can benefit from a good number of vitamins and minerals of natural origin to support our body systems function. Certainly, therapeutic effects and health benefits of grapefruits go far beyond the mentioned issues, and there is a huge number of people who consider themselves true fans of this refreshing, juicy and positive gift of our Mother Nature. Read the rest of this entry »

Greek CoffeeMany of us have heard about Greek coffee, but not every one understands what is it and how to make this interesting beverage. There is actually not much of a difference between traditional Turkish coffee and Greek coffee. Certainly, preparation is the key factor. Greek coffee is generally a little stronger brew which is prepared on fire with the help of  traditional small size coffee pot. The main characteristics of Greek coffee is its being served with plenty of foam on the top and quite plenty of grounds on the bottom of the cup. It is believed that the foam adds unique and spacial taste to Greek coffee, and there is plenty of fans of this beverage around the world. Recently, scientists got interested in this beverage, and discovered a few very interesting things about it. Read the rest of this entry »

Olive Oil EffectsThose who are trying to find an effective approach to losing weight and keeping the body in a good shape are well aware about the fact that it is preferable using any kind of natural weight loss aids like herbal remedies, natural formulas and dietary supplements, and so on. That is why most of people who suffer from being overweight are primarily looking for natural treatments to speed up weight loss like using some natural extracts or spices that can sleep up metabolism, choosing low calorie foods which can assist in limiting their daily calorie intake, using natural appetite suppressants, or using special natural dietary supplements to stimulate weight loss. There are many natural foods known as very effective natural weight loss aids, and such ones as green tea, ginger root, beans, lean meat, overwhelming majority of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, and others. Read the rest of this entry »