Chamomile TeaIt is considered that chamomile tea is one of the most popular and the most consumed herbal tea around the world. Certainly, chamomile is a medicinal plant that grows in any part of the world, and therapeutic benefits of it are known and have been used for ages. Chamomile is great for normalizing the function of our digestive system, preventing possible stomach problems and stimulating digestion. Besides, this medicinal herb plays a great role in skin care, and very commonly it is used as a key ingredient for natural skin or hand care creams. Chamomile soothes, helps to relax and calm down, and a cup of chamomile tea before going to sleep is known as a great natural remedy for sleep disorders and anxiety. Finally, chamomile is a rich source of natural nutrients and other essential substances for our health, it can be used to prevent obesity and decrease our risks of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Read more about therapeutic properties and health benefits of chamomile tea in this article. Read the rest of this entry »

Fruit and VegetableThe advantages of consuming a fruit and vegetable diet are numerous! Many experts would agree to the fact that it is hard to find a better, richer, and more effective source of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients than vegetables and fruits. This kind of diet is good for supporting out digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory systems, urinary tract function, and all other body systems and organs. We all know that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but a great number of vegetables and fruits can play a role of apple in this famous saying. Certainly, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetable diet provided the foods used for this kind of diet are 100 per cent organic. One way or another, it turned out that by consuming a fruit and vegetable diet it is possible not only support our physical health, but also improve our mood and feel more energetic during the day. Read the rest of this entry »

Fizzy DrinksFizzy drinks, sweetened drinks, commercially produced juices and sodas are a curse of our times. How often we use these drinks even though we know how harmful they are to our health. We can give up eating cakes and cookies, fries and fast food, other unhealthy foods, but for most of us it can be really hard to give up using bottled juices or even the light but slightly sweetened soda. We are craving to drinking something good, something sweet, something we truly enjoy. Moreover, we all know how much little kids and teenagers love Cola and other fizzy drinks! Unfortunately, there are really plenty of health risks behind fizzy or sweetened drinks. It was believed that most of those are centered around getting extra calories, increasing our risks of obesity, serious cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and so on. However, the risks actually go far beyond just that. Read the rest of this entry »

Sun ExposureMost of us are aware about the fact that sun exposure may have both good and bad effects to our health. Though some people mistakenly believe that sun exposure is linked to nothing else but danger, increased risks of skin cancer and other types of cancer, this idea is actually not true. Sure, staying on sun for hours, especially in between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. can lead not only to serious skin burns, but also to very bad health effects. At the same time, some regular moderate sunlight exposure is even essential for our health since this is the only way for our body to get vitamin D necessary for our normal health and development. Just recently it was reported that moderate sun exposure is linked to reduced risks of arthritis and arthritis related health conditions (see the related article here). The effects of sunlight on our health are being studied by many scientific groups and expert teams around the world. Read the rest of this entry »

Small PortionsYou definitely know all the benefits and health effects of having a healthy breakfast every morning. We try to learn everything possible about choosing the healthiest foods for our breakfast, for starting our breakfast in a certain hour, or even having breakfast in a certain environment. A healthy breakfast has become a point of interest of numerous studies and researches, and plenty of those are being regularly published in serious academic editions, journals and magazines. Just recently we’ve learned that having a glass of orange juice for breakfast can be much better than having a cup of sugar free tea or coffee since 100 per cent organic orange juice can provide us with necessary amounts of vitamins and energy to start our new day with. Read more about this interesting study and the findings related to having a glass of orange juice for a healthy breakfast in this article. Read the rest of this entry »

Orange JuiceMost of us prefer starting our day with an energizing cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of green or black tea. We know that these beverages (provided we drink them without sugar or any other kind of sweetener) are the best choice for starting our day with. Numerous studies have proven that these beverages rich in natural flavonoids and caffeine can be a great source of energy, a great natural assistance for our brain to wake up and start working effectively as soon as we get up and have our first daily bite. However, there is another very good choice we can make as to the beverage to start our day with. Definitely, we can opt for a freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. A group of scientists studied this option and came up with the conclusion that a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice can be the best idea for a healthy breakfast for every one of us. Read the rest of this entry »