African PlantsThere is hardly possible to name any other kind of cure or treatment the world is in need more that a cure for cancer. Every day this terrible disease takes lives of thousands of people around the world, both young and aging, and the present day’s cancer epidemics is considered by many experts to be one of the hardest for the whole history of the humanity to fight against. Hundreds of scientific research groups are currently working in their labs and doing everything possible to get a clue on finding new cancer treatment options and give hope to millions of people around the world affected by this serious disease. Hopefully, very soon an effective cure will be found and the humanity will be saved from this terrible disease. Read the rest of this entry »

YogaMany specialists would agree to the fact that brain function decline and dementia like brain disorders should be considered among the most dangerous tendencies in public health care for the last decade. The number of people, especially aging people, who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other type of dementia has been firmly increasing, and according to the estimations this tendency will tend to continue. That is why not only looking for effective ways to slow down our brain function decline, but also raising public awareness about the problem is very important. That is why plenty of related public programs are initiated, and plenty of studies and researches are being conducted in order to look at the problem closer and inform the people about the ways to prevent the brain function decline. Read the rest of this entry »

Physcial ExerciseOur inability to lead an active lifestyle is one of the factors that harm our health, make the humanity weaker and weaker, and eventually bring to very serious negative outcomes. Along with poor nutrition, increasing body weight, negative effects of our environment, our bad habits, and some other factors, leading a sedentary lifestyle imposes a great danger to healthy life and well being of future generations. Fortunately, public awareness about this problem has been recently increasing, and millions of people around the world make changes in their daily routine in order to get more exercise, instead of sitting down and watching TV or chatting online with friends. Read more about this topical issue in this website. In particular, if you want to get more exercise and are looking for ways to do that, check out some effective tips and recommendations in this article. Read the rest of this entry »

Coffee LeavesFor many decades scientists, experts and many of healthy lifestyle fans are comparing two most popular natural beverages, organic coffee and organic tea, and speculate about their health effects and benefits for our body and mind. Both of the beverages are simply packed with a great number of healing effects, starting from stimulating and anti-oxidant activities of caffeine, and ending up with aiding detoxification and promoting weight loss. Consuming both beverages on a regular (even daily) basis is recommended by many nutritionists and health care experts. Besides of that, there is a great number of herbal teas (known also as herbal infusions) which are considered very healthy and very beneficial to our health. Some of them, including chamomile tea, rose hip tea, rooibos tea, ginger tea, lemon balm tea, or peppermint tea, can also be taken on a daily basis, in order to maximize their benefits and boost our health. Read the rest of this entry »

CinnamonCinnamon is a very common spice and natural remedy with a great number of therapeutic values and health benefits. It is also one of the oldest known spices which was very highly valued in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. It is mentioned in the Song of Solomon, in the oldest known version of the Hebrew Bible. Cinnamon is widely used for baking, serving some drinks, spicing some desserts, as well as an amazing natural remedy for treating and preventing some unwanted health conditions. Studies have shown that this natural solution can work great for reducing bacteria, preventing type 2 diabetes and various bacterial diseases. This natural remedy is considered great for preventing hypertension and warding off serious cardiovascular diseases. As a great stimulant, cinnamon can boost metabolism and speed up weight loss. However, some new previously unknown therapeutic benefits of cinnamon have been reported and widely discussed in scientific circles. Read the rest of this entry »

Health RisksA great number of people start their day with a cup of aromatic sugar-free coffee. This beverage is loved in all continents and has been widely used for centuries as a source of energy, positive thoughts, and good health. There are plenty benefits of consuming coffee in moderate amounts on a daily basis. Rich in caffeine, coffee plays a role of excellent stimulant and can assist in stimulating blood circulation and metabolism, support our brain function, and prevent psychological disorders like a chronic depression and others. Finally, as one of the recent studies by the experts at the University of Athens Medical School has shown, a regular Greek coffee consumption is linked to longevity. See more information about this interesting research and the findings in this article. Read the rest of this entry »