TCoffee Consumptionhese days, a great number of studies and researches are being reported finding out numerous and very diverse health effects of coffee. This wonderful beverage can be considered truly therapeutic. Research teams from various part of the world have discovered that drinking a few  cups of coffee a day can help us reduce our type 2 diabetes risks and the risks for developing dementia like brain disorders. Natural caffeine in coffee can help us strengthen our vascular health and substantially reduce our risk for strokes. Moreover, by consuming a high quality coffee we can prevent some very common types of cancer, thus increase our overall morality rates. If just a decade ago a cup of coffee could be considered a portion of caffeine with unclear stimulating properties, there days coffee has turned into a magic elixir to prevent quite a long list of disease and give us some extra years of our life. Read the rest of this entry »

Cocoa PowderCocoa and the products like cocoa powder, high quality bitter chocolate and cocoa enriched drinks are known for their being among the best and effective natural remedies with plenty of valuable health benefits. Cocoa is considered to be one of the strongest and the most powerful natural antioxidant known, and many experts recommend everyone of us consuming a cup or two of a high quality cocoa a day in order to prevent negative effects of oxidative stress and premature aging, as well as substantially reduce our risks for most of the cancer types, including colon cancer (see more info here). Other health benefits of cocoa are really numerous and vary from lowering blood pressure and reducing our risks for serious cardiovascular diseases, to improving our brain function and preventing memory loss, various dementia like brain disorders, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Boost Memory FunctionThe numerous health risks linked to being overweight and having extra pounds are very well known. Those include, first of all, very high  chances to suffer from serious cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack or a stroke, as well as from health conditions like type 2 diabetes, varicose veins and other serious vascular problems, rheumatoid arthritis and other problems with joints, improper bone health and various problems with spine, and many others. That is why the issues of weight loss are absolutely topical for modern society, and plenty of information is available in online or printed sources to help today’s people decrease their body mass and live a longer life. There is a huge number of various techniques to assist us treat or prevent obesity, starting from various diet plans or personal physical exercise programs, and ending up with surgical removal of extra fat layers (which is considered quite risky though). Read the rest of this entry »

Wash handsAs we already know, the issues related to a lack of proper personal hygiene can put our health to risk and substantially increase our chances to suffer from serious diseases and health conditions. Thus, according to the recent findings of a group of American health care specialists, those people who visit gyms and other public sports facilities on a regular basis are exposed to quite high risks for infections, especially respiratory system infections like cold or a flu, as well as skin infections like nail fungus or athlete’s foot. These are the negative effects of improper personal hygiene reported by a group of participants of the study. A large portion of those participants admitted never cleaning gym tools from their sweat, rarely washing their gym cloths, or accidentally using towels and drinking water bottles of other people in the gym. Read more about the findings of this interesting and alarming study in this article. Read the rest of this entry »

Risk Of InfectionIn our times of sedentary lifestyle and a chronic lack of physical activities, many people are looking for opportunities to get more physical exercise and reduce their risks of becoming obese. Some try to incorporate increased amounts of physical activities to their daily life: they try to avoid using public transportation and elevators, they do plenty of walking and try to spend their weekends or days off outdoors and get involved in swimming, jogging, hiking, bicycle riding, etc. Some try to find extra time in their daily routine and do outdoors or indoors exercises, including working out in gym. By many specialists, regular exercises in gym (doing power exercising like weight lifting, or doing cardio exercises like walking on a treadmill or riding a bike, etc.) are considered the most effective for preventing weight gain and substantially reducing the risks for suffering from serious cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, as the new study suggested, there is very high risk for infections that most of gym-goers are exposed to. Read the rest of this entry »

diabetes riskIn recent times, diabetes has become one of the most common diseases, and people of all ages suffer from this very serious health condition. There are 2 types of diabetes: type 1 known also as juvenile diabetes, and type 2 diabetes which is more common in adult people. Those who suffer from this disease have problems with producing insulin in their body, that is why most of them have to use insulin injections to support their body function. Insulin resistance that our body can develop on a certain point of our life is considered to be among the most common causes of type 2 diabetes, and the problems with the immune system function usually results in developing type 1 diabetes. If you want to know more what is diabetes and what is the specifics of this disease, check out this article. Read the rest of this entry »