Neem treeNeem tree (Azadirachta indica) known also as Indian lilac is one of the amazing natural remedies used in Traditional Chinese, Indian Ayrvedic, Unani medicine and other traditional South Asian medicines for many health conditions. Local therapists call this tree “Heal All”, “Village Pharmacy”, ” Sacred Tree” and with other very respectful names since the multitude of therapeutic effects of the neem tree is very impressive. Health benefits of this natural remedy include anti-bacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, sedative, anti-diabetic, and many other healing actions. Neem tree products have been used for toning liver function and speeding up detoxification processes in the body. It is reported that drinking neem leaf tea can help prevent and relieve the symptoms of type 2 diabetes (it can help control blood sugar levels), and using the infusion topically works great for treating and preventing various skin infections in kids and adult people. There is some evidence about toxic effects of neem tree products, especially in a long-term use, however, scientific prove of the neem tree effects is, unfortunately, lucking. Read the rest of this entry »

Omega 3It is reported that in modern days, the demand and consumption of Omega 3 supplements reached their peak. Thousands of people, especially aging people around the world, buy the highest quality omega 3 supplements in order to benefit from numerous therapeutic and preventive effects of this natural remedy. It is a known fact that Omega 3 acids are essential elements for controlling out cholesterol levels, keeping our LDL  cholesterol levels low, and this way giving maximum protection against developing various serious cardiovascular disease including heart attack, a stroke, heart disease, and so on. Besides, Omega 3 acids are famous for their very powerful antioxidant effects, and they work for slowing down oxidative processes in our body, this way protecting us against a great number of degenerative diseases, including many common types of cancer. However, not everything about Omega 3 supplements is that simple and advantageous as it may seem. Read the rest of this entry »

DishwasherIn today’s developed countries, it is hard to find a house without such an appliance as dishwasher. Most of modern housewives use this simple device to help relieve housework load, use water in a more economical manner, and increase the quality of cleaning and disinfecting dishes. Dishwashers are very popular, and for very long time these kinds of appliances were considered quite safe type of devices. However, according to the findings of one of the latest studies, using dishwashers can actually be linked to one very serious potential danger to our health. The report about a related research by a group of American scientists was published this week in the journal Medical Mycology. The study has shown that every two of three dishwashers in modern houses are filled with very dangerous fungi and bacteria which impose our general health to a serious risk of catching infectious diseases caused by these microorganisms! Read the rest of this entry »

stress managementIn our professional and personal life, we all are constantly exposed to very harmful effects of stresses, and many experts name chronic stresses a real curse of our times. Stresses can simply destroy our health and make us feel sick and tired of this life in all possible meanings. They damage our immune system function, can cause problems with thyroid activity and cause hormonal shifts, can seriously affect our brain activity, and their negative effects on our cardiovascular and nervous system are tremendous. Though many people do not realize that, but in our times, mastering and practicing effective stress management techniques is a key to a better health and much longer life. Yoga, physical exercises, breathing exercises, getting involved in various outdoor activities, spending time with friends, trying new hobbies, are among the most commonly known and the best stress management approaches. Most of those were thoroughly studied by the experts and received scientific prove of their being effective as great stress relief approaches. Read the rest of this entry »

Diabetes RiskA lot of modern people suffer from negative effects of sedentary lifestyle and a lack of daily physical activities. Those who spend 8-10 hours sitting at their tables or working stations are at very high risks of developing such serious health conditions as obesity, heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, varicose veins and other vascular conditions, serious diseases linked to poor bone and spine health, and many many others. Many specialists would agree to the fact that sedentary lifestyle of modern people, along with chronic stresses, are the two most harmful factors which impose our health to very serious danger. Fortunately, more and more people understand the potential threat of being motionless all day, and they start working on their individual recovery program, which involves walking and doing some exercises, avoiding using elevators or public transportation, visiting gyms and getting involved in some regular outdoor physical exercises, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

SmoothiesNowadays, smoothies and other healthy beverages have became very popular, both among those who prefer home cooking and those who choose to take a light bite in small cafes or restaurants. Smoothies, frappes, various beverages with freshly squeezed juice or low fat yogurt are very well promoted as healthy drinks or snakes which can add a great number of vitamins and essential nutrients, at that are believed to be quite low in calories and dangerous fats. That is why most of us learned how to prepare and started extensively using this kind of beverages. Moreover, healthy beverages are now offered in some very popular fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Baskin and Robbins, and many others. Recently, an international group of scientists decided to look closer at chemical content, calories and possible health impact of consuming such kind of healthy smoothies, mainly the ones offered by public restaurants. The findings were quite surprising and very very disappointing for the researchers. Read the rest of this entry »