Top 10 healthiest foodsOf course, every one of us wants to eat healthy and consume only the best and the healthiest foods on earth. That is why when we are thinking of a healthy diet, we assume that it should include as many and as healthier foods as possible. But what are actually the healthiest foods in the world? Jonny Bowden, one of the Rogue nutritionists and a successful weight loss coach with over 20 years of experience, offers his considerations and his opinion about the issue. Below, there is the list of top 10 healthiest foods, all of which can offer us amazing health and nutritional benefits. Read the rest of this entry »

Whitening Teeth NaturallyWhite teeth and a shiny smile are a dream of everyone of us. However, our habits like drinking too many coffee cups a day, smoking too many cigarettes a day, taking certain medications, using low quality dental materials, suffering from certain infections or dental diseases that affect tooth enamel, as well as having natural dental discoloration, cause yellow teeth and various other types of tooth staining. Undoubtedly, this affects  the way the person looks to a great extent.  Tooth discoloration can also be caused by aging, chemical dental treatments or traumas, still making those who are suffering from tooth discoloration very unhappy. Dark or yellow teeth make a person look less attractive, that is why a great deal of people are looking for good and effective answers to the question how to whiten teeth naturally, or with the help of advanced technologies of cosmetic dentistry. Read the rest of this entry »

Juice FastingWhat Is Juice Fasting

Natural juices (freshly squeezed and NOT commercially produced ones) are considered among the healthiest beverages. They should be incorporated in any type of a healthy diet plan. Juice fasting is replacing our daily meals and beverages with 100 per cent organic freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices (or their mixtures). Benefits of juice fasting are numerous, and a properly worked out juice fasting plan can be a very effective approach to improving our overall health, preventing a great number of diseases and ailments, stimulating detoxification and maximizing the effects of our weight management efforts. Read the rest of this entry »

prevent blood clotsMost of us when hearing the words ‘blood clots’ imagine cardiovascular problems, increased risks of a stroke, a heart attack, or other terrible health conditions. However, blood clots (or thrombuses) are not always linked to diseases or negative effects on the functions of our cardiovascular system. In particular, for those who suffer from injuries, blood clots can help prevent bleeding, and this property is especially important for those who are prone to bleeding. Trombuses also assist in repairing our blood arteries, especially in cases of an injury or trauma. Blood clots are formed from white and red blood cells, some protein compounds, as well as a composition of  fluids and chemicals known as blood plasma. Read the rest of this entry »

Nutrients In PotatoFor quite a long time, potato has not been highly valued by modern nutritionists and considered ‘fattening’, due to a high content of starches and carbs. Another bad thing about potatoes is their being too easily affected by various pesticides and fertilizers (you can read more information about the ‘dirty dozen‘ or 12 foods the most affected by pesticides). However, growing your own potatoes in your garden and consuming them without fears of getting fatter and fatter can be actually an excellent idea. As the findings of a recent study have shown, potatoes are very rich in a great number of principal minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, that places potatoes to the same cohort with the most known natural superfoods like avocados, nuts, beetroot, broccoli, and others. Read the rest of this entry »

Painkiller abuseMore and more experts report about increasing tendency of painkiller abuse in modern people. Inspired by Dr. House, people believe that painkillers, either natural pain relievers or pharmaceuticals, can be an answer to any sort of health alert of ours. We pop a pill in case if our head starts aching, in case if we have a colic, or some pain of unknown origin in the abdomen, or when we have discomfort in the lungs and can not take a breath, etc. etc. Painkiller abuse has become a trend in many people, especially the young who are certain that they are yet healthy enough and their body can stand on such huge doses of synthesized substances. Thinking that painkillers can not bring too much harm to our body and our health is quite wrong, and the findings of a recent study published this spring in many world’s leading newspapers and journals have proven the fact. Read the rest of this entry »