Menopausal Hot FlashesHot flashes, or sudden sensations of heat, accompanied with sweating, skin redness, and other signs, are the most common symptoms of perimenopause (the menopausal transition) and actual menopause. It is estimated that every two of three women who entered the perimenopause period experience hot flashes. The causes of menopausal hot flashes remain unknown, but experts believe that this health condition may have something to do with sudden changes in blood circulation. Namely, hot flashes can occur in those moments when blood vessels located under face skin dilate to cool causing redness and feeling of hot. Duration and severity of menopausal hot flashes differ according to personal factors: some women experience only short-term flashes when they enter menopause, but some women tend to experience these symptoms till the end of their life. Hot flashes treatment include using hormone replacement therapy, taking plenty of natural sources of vitamin B and vitamin E, taking some prescription pills like antidepressants or blood pressure medications, as well as avoiding triggering factors like smoking, alcohol abuse, caffeine consumption, stresses, spicy foods, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

Memory ImpairmentForgetfulness, memory impairment, which very often develop into more serious dementia-like brain disorders are very common in today’s elderly. A great deal of aging people start demonstrating the first signs of Alzheimer’s even in their early 60s, and very often the condition progresses, with terrible prognosis and very poor life quality. Dementia-like brain disorders happen due to fatal changes in human brain. They can not be reversed and there is no effective cure known for Alzheimer’s and other dementia-like brain disorders. However, a number of researches is ongoing and aiming to find at least a little clue to diagnose the problem in its early stages and somehow slow down its development. According to the latest news, a group of scientists the University of Heidelberg in Germany have found a way to slow down and possibly reverse forgetfulness linked to aging. Read the rest of this entry »

Botox EffectsBotox is a known anti-wrinkle treatment which has gained extreme popularity for the last few decades. It is a special toxic medication with the main active ingredient derived from the Clostridium botulinum germ, used for its very powerful muscle relaxant properties. Botox injection is a cosmetic treatment to help smooth wrinkles by temporary paralyzing certain parts of facial muscles. Botox effects can be applied beyond just only cosmetic industry, and this treatment actually has a number of other health benefits. In particular, this medication is used as a part of stroke treatment or as a solution to relieve the symptoms affecting cerebral palsy sufferers. Besides, nowadays Botox effects are being studied as a promising part of new multiple sclerosis therapy, primarily to relieve muscle stiffness. However, a number of researches and clinical tests aiming to enhance possible effects of Botox for MS symptoms relieving are still ongoing. Read the rest of this entry »

Vitamin DIt is a known fact that the older we get, the harder it is for us to lose weight. This can be explained by plenty of factors. Young people have faster metabolism and can burn fat more efficiently compared to those who are older. Young people can develop muscle mass faster than the older people, therefore, exercising and activities bring more effects. Young people have better digestion system (not yet damaged by numerous crash diets, tobacco smoking or alcohol consumption), more efficient absorption of various nutrients and vitamins , and they are also exposed to less psychological and physical stress (like a childbirth or other factors) compared to those who are in their 40s or 50s. That is why trying to lose weight when you are 20 is far not the same as trying to lose weight when you are 45. Our body changes as we age, and so does our weight loss system, the experts say. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy Chocolate DessertsWhat do you usually feel when you look at a chocolate cake like the one at the picture? Mmmm, yummy scummy, uh!! Just looking at chocolate cakes, brownies or other kind of chocolate desserts always evokes appetite and fires up a desire to eat these sugary treats as soon as possible. Desserts bring back the sweetest feelings from our childhood and give absolutely unparalleled delight! Moreover, as the latest findings of a study suggest, it is enough just cast a glance at a picture of an amazing chocolate cake or any one of other easy chocolate desserts, without even feeling its divine smell! Images of chocolate or sugary treats can work perfectly well as appetite stimulants and evoke cravings even in those people who suffer from certain digestive disorders or do not like chocolate treats. Read the rest of this entry »

low calorie diet foodsThose of us who have ever been thinking about losing weight and starting a healthy diet definitely know about the effects of low calorie diets. Specialists recommend a combination of active lifestyle with plenty of physical exercise and a low calorie diet as the best and the proven formula for effective weight loss and management. That is why those who are trying to reduce body mass and become leaner very often use an approach known as ‘calorie counting’:  summing up calorie content of the foods consumed during the day, along with controlling daily calorie burning (as a result of physical activities). This approach can work out and help initiate weight loss for most of us. However, nutritionists and weight loss specialists are convinced that mere calorie reduction and calorie counting may not be enough for effective weight loss. Read the rest of this entry »