LongevityWe all feel uncomfortable when hearing the word ‘aging’, and a great deal of modern people are trying to make all possible efforts for living longer. The most popular approaches for achieving longevity include eating a healthy diet with large amounts of organic foods and natural antioxidant sources, leading an active lifestyle and getting involved in plenty of physical activities during the day, maintaining a healthy body mass, quitting smoking and getting rid of other bad habits, preventing stresses by using meditation, aromatherapy, relaxation, and other effective stress management techniques, taking full benefits of regular good sleep, having healthy sexual relationships, achieving spiritual balance, using natural solutions and herbal remedies for strengthening our immune system and preventing various diseases, doing regular health check ups, learning a much as possible information on healthy lifestyle, including the latest findings of related scientific studies and researches, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

Stressful JobsWe’re all exposed to a large number of stresses in our professional and personal life, and very often stresses cause plenty of negative responses and biological effects in our body and mind. Despite the fact that mild and moderate stresses are considered useful and can play a role of motivators for greater achievements, chronic stresses are linked to numerous risks and harmful effects, including elevated risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular conditions, digestive disorders,  psychological and mental disorders, sleep disorders, nervous disorders, and other serious health conditions. American scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found out that stressful jobs causing chronic stresses are especially dangerous in females. As their study has shown, the women who are exposed to high levels of stresses at work are at higher heart attack risk compared to those women who have relatively lower stresses at work. Read the rest of this entry »

Drinking Too Much CoffeeNowadays, a great deal of studies are coming out and presenting valid scientific evidence of numerous positive effects of drinking black sugar-free coffee in moderate amounts. Plenty is said about coffee health benefits, both in this very website and on the web. As one of the most recent studies has found out, drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day can assist in decreasing skin cancer risk. Another study has confirmed that by using the same daily amount of high quality coffee one can prevent Alzheimer’s risk and reduce our chances to suffer from any one of other dementia like brain disorders. According to one more study, coffee can assist in lowering the risks of endometrial cancer and also have positive effects on the levels of female hormones, estrogens. Read the rest of this entry »

Osteoarthritis treatmentOsteoarthritis is one of the most common types of diseases in modern elderly, and it is estimated that about 8.5 millions of today’s British citizens, including about 40 per cent of the Britons aged over 70, suffer from it. Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis linked to damage in joints caused by cartilage wearing out as a result of our daily activities. Unfortunately, for the moment there is no effective cure for this disease, but there are a few osteoarthritis treatment options which can be used to reduce the symptoms and pains related to this health condition. Those include mainly using medications, pain management technologies, little or moderate physical activities combined with plenty of rest, using various assistive devices (like grabbing and gripping tools, etc.), cortisone and lubrication injections, as well as home treatments and herbal remedies for osteoarthritis. Surgical procedures can be offered in the worst cases as another alternative treatment for osteoarthritis. Read the rest of this entry »

Natural SuperfoodsWhen we hear that terrifying word ‘cancer’, we understand how fragile we are and how much we are affected by everything around us, from stresses or feeling lonely to our bad habits and environmental toxins. Though cancer is not a death sentence, and  according to the information by American Caner Society, over 12 million people in today’s United States have survived this terrible disease, every day cancer takes lives of 15 hundred American people, making it second most deadly diseases in the country (it is estimated that heart disease is currently the leading cause of death). Every year, between 1,4 and 1,7 million people in the United States are diagnosed with cancer, with breast cancer being the most common in women, and prostate cancer being the most common in men. Read the rest of this entry »

Higher Body MassObesity prevention and active lifestyle promotion still remain among the most topical problems of social health, along with heart disease and cancer prevention. Despite great social efforts, massive campaigns in modern media and other social events, obesity rates go on increasing. It is estimated that, in particular, in Australia, by the year 2025 obesity rates will be much higher, especially in those citizens who have low educational status or experience other types of social inequality related to education and lifestyle. Those are the conclusions of an Australian study by a group of experts for Melbourne, led by Dr Kathryn Backholer, Baker IDI researcher, which were published in July 2012 in  the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health. Read the rest of this entry »