Organic Green TeaBooks and books, pages and pages are written about green tea, its numerous health benefits and therapeutic properties. Though not everyone likes drinking this type of tea, mainly because its taste is a little more bitter compared to the one of traditional black or white tea, I am sure that everyone knows how healthy and useful organic green tea is. The most important health benefits of green tea include very powerful antioxidant properties of this natural product which can help us slow down aging processes in the body and this way preserve all our body organs and systems in much better condition. Besides, green tea is on the list of 7 most effective benefits for weight loss and detoxification, as well as for preventing a vast variety of serious health conditions, starting from common cardiovascular diseases and ending up with many types of cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

Common AllergiesMillions of people around the world suffer from allergies. Allergy is a health condition caused by certain triggers, allergens, and is usually manifested with such symptoms as itching, skin redness, running nose, sneezing, muscle age, fever, itchy and watering eyes, and others. There are a few types of this health condition known as common allergies: food allergies (allergies to eggs, fruit, milk, seafood, nuts, sesame, corn, and others), allergies to medicines, allergies to animals and animal products, allergies to mold, fungal allergies, and allergies to plant pollens. As it can be understood, some allergies are temporary (seasonal or caused by consuming one or another food that triggers it), and some are chronic. Some people develop allergies in their life course, and some are genetically predisposed to one or another type of allergies. Read the rest of this entry »

Arthritis Pain ReliefRheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis are very common diseases associated with aging, and it is estimated that at the moment, every one of three people over 65 suffers from this disease. Being overweight is one of the main risk factors for this disease, and according to the latest estimations, the prevalence of arthritis among overweight people over 50 has reached 30 percent. In today’s United Kingdom, arthritis is a leading cause of disability in aging people, and there are more that 8.5 Britons are affected by rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. Since it is linked to lots of pain and discomfort, all of those who suffer from it are in constant search for arthritis pain relief like muscle pain relief or knee pain relief. Certainly, researchers around the world are trying to do everything possible to help alleviate pains and somehow improve the condition of arthritis sufferers. Read the rest of this entry »

Deep Vein ThrombosisToday’s office workers are exposed to very high health risks due to the specifics of their work. That is why nowadays, working in offices is considered almost as risky as working in mines or working shifts. Sitting in the office all day and working at a PC station for a long period of time is linked to increased risk of such diseases as heart attack, heart disease and other serious cardiovascular conditions, respiratory ailments, colon cancer, breast cancer, and many more. Negative health effects of sedentary lifestyle include elevated risks for kidney stones, osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome and related health conditions, elevated blood pressure, blood clot risk and deep vein thrombosis, anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. Read the rest of this entry »

The Mediterranean Diet PlanThose who are interested in healthy nutrition and its effects on our health must be very well aware about numerous benefits and advantages of the Mediterranean diet. It is a famous type of diet that has been practiced in the countries of the Mediterranean region (Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, etc.) and is based on consuming good amounts of fresh fruit, veggies, fish, beans, seeds, whole grains,  and other healthy natural foods on a daily basis. Using healthy amounts of high quality olive oil for cooking meals and dressing salads is an important distinctive feature of this diet. Another interesting fact is: a Mediterranean diet plan rarely includes traditional desserts like cakes or cookies, and mainly those are fruits (fresh, dried, or cooked) which play a role of desserts. It is considered a very healthy diet, and it is very highly valued by all experts and nutritionists around the world. Read more to find an answer to the question, what is the Mediterranean diet. Read the rest of this entry »

Brain DisordersFor the last two decades, the problems of healthy aging and aging with dignity have become the focus of many scientific works and studies since the number of aging people suffering from various cognitive problems and mental disorders had been firmly increasing. Millions of elderly people around the world suffer from Alzhimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, vascular dementia, DLB, and other types of dementia like brain disorders. Unfortunately, for the moment there is no known cure for cognitive problems and mental disorders like that, and there are only a few medications or treatment options to slow down the development of the disease and relieve its symptoms. Those who could come across or had to deal with the elderly people suffering from mental disorders and cognitive impairment know very well how hard and stressful it always is, both for the patients and for those who have to look after them. Read the rest of this entry »