Mistletoe ExtractIn many countries of the Christan world, mistletoe is a traditional symbol of Christmas. Since the 18th century it has been cultivated in Catholic Christian nations of Europe and North America as a special Christmas decoration, and according to ancient tradition, kissing under mistletoe on Christmas season can make love stronger, or can help a couple to give up quarreling and fighting. The plant  with the name Viscum Album is also known for its amazing healing powers and health benefits, including treating respiratory system problems, strengthening the function of circulatory system, as well as boosting fertility. Those can be enjoyed by using mistletoe tea, mistletoe powder or mistletoe extract. However, these years a number of studies was carried out focusing around possible anti-cancer benefits of this natural remedy. The findings of two of those evoked vivid interest both from the expert circles and the general public. Read the rest of this entry »

Omega 3 fatty acidsHealth effects of omega 3 fatty acids were proven by numerous scientific studies and researches, that is why many experts recommend adding natural sources of this nutrient like oily fish (namely tuna fish, salmon, herring, mackerel, and many others, provided they are cooked by using a healthy cooking style: roasting, boiling, grilling, etc.) as well as most of nuts and seeds. Omega 3 fatty acids assist in normalizing cholesterol levels in the body, this way decreasing our chances to suffer from serious cardiovascular diseases like a stroke or heart attack. Besides, consuming natural omega 3 acid sources is linked to reduced risk for breast cancer and some other types of cancer. Finally, a proper consumption of omega 3 acid is essential for aging people as one of the most effective natural way to prevent memory loss and reduce the risk of suffering from dementia like brain disorders. Read the rest of this entry »

Organic TomatoesOrganic tomatoes are considered among the healthiest natural foods. Packed with lycopenes, organic tomatoes can provide everyone of us with amazing natural protection against most types of cancer. The same property is attributed not only to fresh organic tomatoes, but to cooked tomatoes as well, as the experts the University of Portsmouth managed to find out. According to the findings of a recent study by an expert group from the Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Eastern Finland daily consumption of tomatoes in moderate amounts is linked to reduce risk for stroke, especially in men. High concentrations of lycopenes were linked to reduced levels of bad cholesterol, as well as lower risk for stroke and other serious cardiovascular diseases. There were plenty of studies and researches bringing up scientific evidence of the multitude of organic tomato benefits for all of us. Read the rest of this entry »

Prostate Cancer RiskThe risks and potential health dangers linked to consuming soft and fizzy drinks are quite serious. Many experts warn us about the fact that drinking carbonated beverages, commercially produced fruit juices, other soft drinks is linked to unnecessary increase in our sugar and calorie intake, this way increasing our risks for weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and other common health conditions. Lately, the findings of a study by Osaka University were published, suggesting that those women who drink fizzy or soft drinks every day are at higher risks of an ischemic stroke. The published information is actually scary: by drinking a glass of carbonated drink or commercial bottled fruit juice a day, women rise their chances to suffer from a stroke by 83 per cent! Check out the details about this interesting study in this article. Read the rest of this entry »

Green Tea ExtractAs a keen green tea fan, I’ll never get tired of writing about this truly amazing natural remedy, a generous gift from our Mother Nature to all of us! Rich in caffeine and essential nutrients, green tea is an excellent choice for both men and women to be used as a refreshing morning drink, as a thirst quencher, as a support to speed up recovery after a disease, or as a warm drink to help people become closer to each other. Health benefits of green tea are numerous, and they vary from simple energizing or toning our body tissues to very powerful anti-aging effects and cancer protection. Green tea is one of the best natural remedies to stimulate weight loss and speed up metabolism, and it is included in the list of 5 top foods for longevity. Green tea can be used to prevent cardiovascular problems and get rid of all common symptoms of depression. Read the rest of this entry »

Bad Effects Of SmokingThe list of bad effects of smoking is really very impressive but still millions of people around the world can not quit this bad habit. First of all, smoking is linked to very high risk of lung cancer which is currently the second most common type of cancer in the UK and takes over 41,500 people’s lives every year. According to Cancer Research magazine, every 9 of 10 cases of lung cancer is caused by heavy smoking. Other common bad effects of smoking include high risk of vascular problems like varicose veins, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, infertility in both men and women. Finally, getting no proper quit smoking help and being unable to give up this terrible habit before the age of 40 can end up with very serious consequences for women. According to the findings of Oxford University scientists, women aged 40+ who can not stop smoking are exposed to very high risk of premature death and usually live a 10-year shorter life. Read the rest of this entry »