Kill CancerIn our times, cancer has stopped being a death sentence for plenty of patients with various types and forms of this disease, though it still remains one of the leading causes of deaths of people around the world. There are a great number of alternative cancer treatments being developed and tested by scientific groups or researchers throughout the globe aiming to offer cancer patients new opportunities, new solutions and new hopes for a happier and healthier life. Along with chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and other traditional approaches to helping body kill cancer, such techniques as herbalism, aromatherapy, massage therapy, biofeedback, and others are being suggested as effective alternative cancer treatment options to support cancer patients, assist them relieve cancer related stresses, improve the function of their body organs and systems, and increase their chances to achieve success in their fight against this terrible disease. Read the rest of this entry »

Menopausal SymptomsIt is estimated that in our times, every seven of ten women in menopausal age suffer from quite severe menopausal symptoms which cause a lot of negative emotions and decrease the life quality. Such symptoms as menopausal hot flashes, sweating and frequent calls for urination usually bring plenty of discomfort. Other symptoms, including increased irritability, anxiety, mood swings and depression can sometimes turn the life of a woman in menopausal age and people around her into total nightmare. According to specialists, every one of ten women experiences the mentioned menopausal symptoms for five years or even longer. That is why a great deal of modern scientists and health care experts are trying to find the best solutions to reduce and possibly relieve menopausal symptoms, this way helping millions of women in making their life happier and fuller. Read the rest of this entry »

cheeseDairy products have been known as the natural foods to balance female hormones. The low fat milk products like low fat yogurt, low fat milk and cheese, etc, which are recommended to be added to a healthy diet and provide our body with all the nutrients they contain, are rich in natural estrogens essential for all women, especially to those in early menopause phase. A few years ago a group of Japanese scientists studied the nutritional values and the effects of milk coming from pregnant and not pregnant cows. In today’s dairy farms around the world cows are being milked up to 300 days a year, and very often the milk comes from pregnant cows. It turned out that dairy products produced from milk coming from pregnant cows are extremely high in female hormones: sometimes, milk that comes from cows on their latest phases of pregnancy has up to 33 times higher content of estrone sulfate compared to the milk coming from not pregnant cows. Read the rest of this entry »

December 17, 2012

Quit Smoking HelpSmoking is considered the most common and one of the most destructive bad habits, and millions of people around the world are currently fighting for their lives and trying to get quit smoking help. Lately, the number of deaths caused by smoking has been firmly increasing, and it is estimated that currently this terrible habit kills about 3 million people a year. Moreover, specialists say warn us that provided the tendency remains, by the year 2020 the world is going to witness the death of 10 million people every year due to inability to find an effective help to quite smoking and get rid of this habit. In modern world, smoking is a leading cause of premature death, and many people in their 40s or 50s lose their life after being diagnosed with lung cancer, throat cancer, a heart attack and other smoking-related serious health conditions. Bad effects of smoking are very serious, and fortunately, more and more people are trying to quit after learning about the health risks linked to smoking. Read the rest of this entry »

AsparagusDietary experts are reporting that recently the popularity of such vegetable as asparagus has been dramatically growing in the northwestern Europe and North America. Adding this vegetable to the daily diet has become something very trendy, and for the last few years the amounts of commercially cultivated and sold asparagus has escalated making the UK consumption of this vegetable in 2011 at an absolute record level: over 8,000 tonnes. Asparagus is a very healthy natural food, very low in calories and very high in dietary fiber and various natural nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamins B group, vitamin K, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, fluoride, selenium, copper, and others. This natural vegetable is known since the times on ancient Egypt. In many traditional folk medicines of the Mediterranean nations, asparagus has been used for a long period of time and very highly valued as an effective natural diuretic and natural cleansing agent. Read the rest of this entry »

Obesity in MenI guess, no need to mention all the negative effects and serious health risks linked to obesity in men and women. Plenty is said and written on this issue. Obesity is something that causes fatal diseases and takes lives of millions of people around the world every year, and most of those deaths are actually premature ones. An effective weight management is a key to a longer life, but still for most of us, our modern lifestyle and nutrition habits are too hard to break in order to support a healthy body mass. Unfortunately, more and more young men and women have extremely high body mass, especially those young people who live in developed countries and have quite high social level and education level. And, unfortunately, in our times obesity in men and women has become a sort of epidemic, which has no fast and effective cure for now. Read the rest of this entry »