Breast Cancer TreatmentDespite the fact that there are actually pretty many innovative solutions, newest technologies and alternative cancer treatment options being reported in the mass media almost every month or two, cancer still remains in the list of incurable diseases, and every day tens of thousands of people around the world lose their lives due to this terrible disease. We all hope that very soon an effective technology will be discovered or created to free the world from cancer, but for now all that is left for us is to wait and pray for success of numerous current cancer relater researches. I am sure that piece by piece, modern scientists will soon gather necessary information to learn how to effectively stop cancer cells formation, and very soon they will come up with a new solution as a lung cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, pancreatic cancer treatment, and the treatment for other types of this disease. Read the rest of this entry »

High Fat DietsEasy experiments with our daily diet can make us understand that unhealthy diets like high fat diets or high sugar diets are actually the most tasty and enjoyable ones. However, they provide our body with very high amounts of calories that leads to weight gain, increased chances of developing obesity and having high risks of many serious health conditions related to being overweight and obese. Healthy diets, including low fat diets, low calorie diets, low sugar diets, and other types of diets, are usually less tasty and bring less satisfaction to us when we switch to them, that is why healthy eating for many people is linked to being less satisfied with their diet. Why do we get so much attached and like high fat or high sugar diets? Scientists have been tried to solve this mystery for many years, and the findings revealed this week in many of the leading mass media can help us get some better understandings of this phenomenon. Read the rest of this entry »

Food Clock 1Happy New Year 2013, my friends! I hope you all had great times celebrating, and enjoyed every minute of the magic new year night! I also hope that you had a great party and a great holiday eating with your family and friends. The New Year night is the time when most of us forget about dieting or healthy eating and can easily afford some tasty and delicious alternatives to healthy meals. Scientists say that there is nothing wrong about it, but doing such ‘exceptions’ too often can be linked to serious damage to the body, not only due to increased amounts of fats and calories consumed, but also due to shifts and changes in the body rhythm system known as our ‘food clock’. A new study published the last week of 2012 opens the secrets and helps to shed some light to this interesting side of our body complexity. Read the rest of this entry »

CarrotsAll kids and adult people know so well that the healthiest foods is… apple. Why? Simply because an apple a day keeps doctors away. For centuries apples have been considered unique and amazing natural remedies for endless number of ailments and health problems. Apples provide us with plenty of nutrients and vitamins essential for our health. Being very rich sources of dietary fiber, apples can support our digestive health and prevent most of possible digestive disorders, including irritable bowl syndrome and many others. Being very low in calories, apples can help us reduce weight and lower all obesity related risks. According to the experts from the American Association for Cancer Research, apples can assist us in preventing liver, colon, and other types of cancer since these fruits contain good amounts of flavonol, a natural antioxidant substance. Finally, apples can aid in cholesterol lowering and assist greatly in preventing cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of muscle athropy, and so on. Read the rest of this entry »

Secrets of French DietThe diet of French people is considered a sort of phenomenal one by most of the modern nutritionists. French people consume pretty much of the foods like bread, butter, Roquefort cheese and other high fat cheeses, various desserts, processed foods, and so on, which are not considered too very healthy. At the same time, there are quite a few of overweight people in France, and the life expectancy in this country is quite high. Besides, the number of French people suffering and dying from cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack or a heart disease is among the smallest in the whole Western Europe. So, what are the secrets of French diet, and what are those miraculous food habits which make French people healthier? Read the rest of this entry »

Green Coffee Bean ExtractNowadays, using green coffee bean extract for weight loss has turned into the latest trend among young ladies and all those who are looking for effective natural remedies to aid body mass reduction. Everything started this summer, when this famous natural remedy was featured by Dr. Mehmet Oz on his very popular TV program The Dr. Oz Show. He reported that his own experiment on weight loss effects of green coffee bean extract involving 100 overweight female volunteers had ended up with finding a sold and convincing proof of the extract effectiveness. According to Dr. Oz, those participants who took this natural product managed to lose around two pounds a week (which is about one kilo), and those volunteers who were given placebo used to lose about just one pound a week (in other words, not more than just a half kilo per week). Read the rest of this entry »