Orange PeelCellulite, or orange peel syndrome, is something familiar to almost every woman over 25-30. It is estimated that more than 85% of today’s ladies suffer from cellulite, a problem caused by the accumulation of extra fat and fluids under the top layers of the skin and visible through the skin as those terrible lumps and bumps. Cellulite formation is attributed to various reasons. Those are, first of all, problems with blood and lymph flow in such body areas as thighs, hips, buttocks, low legs, stomach and even arms. Poor or unhealthy diet, bad eating habits, lack of physical activities, insufficient water intake, hormonal shifts, constant stresses and genetics are also among the leading reasons of orange peel syndrome. Read the rest of this entry »

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world.

I know because I’ve done it thousands of times!”

Mark Twain

No SmokingSmoking is one of the nastiest habits, which, unfortunately, is very common nowadays. It is really hard to give up this habit, and thousands of people, who wanted to quit smoking, tried using many various techniques to reduce cravings and get rid of nicotine addiction once and for all. Usual stop smoking efforts include using a special chewing gum, pills or medications, exercise, meditation, being involved in some entertainment activities, making some substantial changes in the life-style, and many others. However, not many people are aware about the fact that what we eat and drink can actually help to enhance or worsen cigarette taste. Therefore, there are certain foods, which can make us feel bad about cigarette taste, this way help us treat the problem and give up this terrible habit. Read the rest of this entry »

HardworkingModern business life is very dynamic and competitive, and in order to achieve success in business, managers need to develop certain professional habits and personal qualities. Such factors as being a hardworking, ambitious person, bold in decision making, striving for receiving immediate results, as well as having great abilities to think critically and the capacity to overwork are among the key traits of modern successful managers of top levels. Working hard is considered a habit of some people, and many of their friends and colleagues call this habit “an addiction”. It is absolutely true, and, as any addiction, this one also requires certain “treatment” and control. Otherwise: have you heard about Karoshi? No, I do not mean a PC game here… Read the rest of this entry »

Golden HoneyHoney is one of the most useful and valuable natural remedies for a great number of health problems. It has a unique pleasant taste and for centuries it has been helping the humanity in combating various diseases and ailments. In Ancient Greece, honey was used for its remarkable anti-bacterial, anti-viral and wound-healing properties. Apitherapy, or treatment with honey bee products, has many therapeutic effects on our body and mind. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-allergic, expectorant, cancer-preventing, relaxing, sedative, to name a few, are the main healing properties of such products. And, according to many specialists, the main advantage of honey as an effective natural remedy is the absence of serious side effects (allergies and other negative reactions of the body are possible mainly in the case of overdose).

Honey is a beautiful sweet golden liquid rich in nutrients, antioxidants and antimicrobial agents. It has a special natural composition, including such minerals and elements as magnesium, calcium, iron,  phosphorus, copper, sodium, potassium, iodine, sulfur, manganese and chlorine, Vitamins E, D, C, K, Vitamin A and betacarotene, B-group Vitamins, folic acid, caffeic acid and other organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, hydrogen peroxide and many others. Some people try to avoid eating honey believing that it is a very caloric food which can cause extra weight gain. However, 1 teaspoon of a high-quality honey has only 25-30 calories, and honey has a property to be converted easily into energy causing no extra fat storage. Eating 50-100 g of honey a day allows everyone to enjoy the healing benefits of this magic food.

Honey In a Jar

According to the findings and results of recent studies and researches, presented a year ago at the First International Symposium on Honey and Human Health, honey is valued, first of all, for its anti-microbial activity. Australian scientists discovered that 2-16% honey solutions are effective against a broad variety of fungi and bacteria. Honey is an excellent remedy for healing wounds, burns, insect bites and skin diseases, as it can deprive the bacteria from air and water it needs to thrive, resulting in diminishing the activity of viruses. Honey improves our immune system, stabilizes hemoglobin levels and boosts the capacity of our body to regenerate damaged cells.

In folk medicine, honey is also known for its positive effects on our respiratory system and for its capacity to relief cough and symptoms of cold. This property was researched by the specialists from Penn State College of Medicine in Pennsylvania, who studied the the effects of honey as a cough suppressant. This group of researchers also reported about very good properties of honey as a sleep stimulator. An experienced pharmacist Mike Mclnnes presented the results of his research, showing that eating a little of honey before going to sleep can stimulate the function of sleep through creating glycogen stores in our liver, necessary for our brain, and relieving metabolic stress in our body.


Besides, small doses of honey can be used by diabetes patients as a safe natural sweetener. Specialists from the USDA Agricultural Research Service Beltsville have been studying human body’s tolerance to honey, which proved to be better than tolerance to glucose or sucrose. A group of experts from the University of Waiketo (New Zealand) was studying the effects of honey on anxiety, memory and weight gain. According to Dr. Nicola Starkey, regular consumption of honey can assist in weight management, improve HDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lower oxidative damage, decrease anxiety and have positive effects on human memory. Finally, the abundance of antioxidants containing in honey make this food a source of beauty, youth and vigor.

Now, we can see that honey is not just a sweetener. It has scientifically proven nutritional and medicinal benefits. It can provide us with a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and other useful elements, improve our skin and immune system, have positive effects on our liver and lower heart disease risk, help us to calm down, as well as give us a plenty of positive energy and boost our athletic performance. Mike Mclnnes says: “Honey is an intelligent food, an informed food, and it must be differentiated from other sweeteners“. Every morning, drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey, and you will feel perfectly ready for starting a new day. Also, if you use honey as a sweetener for your morning tea, remember that honey loses the majority of its healing properties at the temperature over 60C, so before adding this beautiful source of perfect health into your cup of tea, wait until the beverage gets a little colder.

LettuceLettuce (Lactuca Sativa) is a green annual plant of Asteraceae family. It is one of the oldest and most popular leafy vegetables originated from the Mediterranean region. It received its name from the Latin word for milk “lac” for its milky sap. There are five main classes of lettuce and over a hundred of various types, including typical “Iceberg”, “Great Lakes”, “Boston”, “Buttercrunch” or “New York”, red “Rosy”, small “Mini Green” or “Tom Thumb”, etc., which are different in their color and shape. Some lettuce plants have a rosette of broad soft leaves or long sword-shaped leaves, some have cabbage heads with crispy leaves, some have loose heads with puffy inner leaves and some have edible stems.

Historians suppose that lettuce originated from a wild green plant with bitter leaves from the Mediterranean area. Lettuce was cultivated in Ancient Egypt about 4500 years ago. Min, the Egyptian God of fertility, was frequently portrayed with a rosette of lettuce in his hands. At that, ancient Egyptians valued the seeds of the plant, because they were producing oil from lettuce seeds. Ancient Persians were the first to use lettuce leaves as food, and the Romans were the first to discover therapeutic properties of this plant. It is said that Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar ordered to built a statue in one of his temples to honor lettuce: according to Augustus, therapeutic effects of lettuce saved him from an illness.

Lettuce is one of the most important and delicious salad crops. Its leaves are very soft and mild in flavor, and have perfect cooling effects. We used to eating fresh uncooked lettuce leaves, but in some regions in China this plant is consumed slightly stewed. In traditional Chinese culture cultivating lettuce was considered to bring good luck, and this plant had a great value in ancient China. Thus, the dishes with lettuce were served for special events, such as New Year celebrations. Currently, China is a leading producer of lettuce (over 12 million tonnes a year), followed by the U.S. (5 million tonnes), Spain (over 1 million tonnes) and Italy. In the UK, every second family is reported to eat lettuce three times a week.

Red lettuce

Lettuce is a fat-free plant with very low caloric content, that is why it is one of the most favorite foods of those people, who want to shed some pounds. 100g of lettuce has only 10-15 kcal, 2.1 g Protein, 0.5 g fiber and 3 g Carbohydrate. At the same time, lettuce has such important minerals and nutrients as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, folic acids, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B5, B6, PP, E and especially Vitamin A. If you want to put off weight, you can eat plenty of lettuce, however, be sure that it is free from various chemicals and toxic elements, which are frequently used for more effective cultivation.

Lettuce is an effective green herbal remedy for depression. Since it has magnesium, chrome and folic acids, this plant has perfect relaxing, calming and soporific properties. In ancient Egypt and Rome, eating lettuce after all meals was a very common practice to stimulate sleep. Lettuce sap contains lactucarium, which has slight effects of opium and can calm down anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity, arthritis pains and cough. In folk medicine, lettuce is used for its diuretic, anodyne, hypoglycaemic, carminative, sedative, emollient and other therapeutic properties.

Tea BudsWhite teas are one of the most popular type of traditional teas made from the leaves of Camilla Sinensis plant. Silver Needle, Snowbud, White Peony, White Cloud, Fujan, Bai Mu Dan, White Darjeeling, as well as various fruit-flavored White teas are among the best blends in modern tea culture. In contrast to Black teas, this type of tea comes from the buds picked right after they have opened. White tea is the least processed type of tea among all teas. The buds are unfermented, slightly air dried and sometimes a little steamed, that allows receiving a very gentle and a little sweet type of tea taste. White teas have a specific light color, a very delicate  and silky flavor.

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