heartburnHeartburn is a common problem which is familiar to everyone, however, not many people understand heartburn as a bad symptom and often ignore it. This is not right, guys! A little sign as heartburn should signal about possible problems with digestion and if left untreated, it can turn into really serious ailments. Those include, first of all, acid reflux, or problems with secretion in the stomach, or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), or esophagus inflammation. Read the rest of this entry »

Hot Weather In SummerSummer is the best time for many interesting and useful activities: swimming, jogging, picking flowers, fishing, traveling, playing golf and other various types of outdoor recreation. But sometimes summer weather turns into something unbearably hot and we can’t spend a day without heat exhaustion or being a little roasted. Below, you can find some tips on how to survive hot weather in summer. Read the rest of this entry »

Lower Diabetes RisksDiabetes is a curse of our times and it is estimated that more than 250 millions people in the world suffer from it. It is a serious metabolic disease which is connected with high glucose levels in blood as a result of irregularities of insulin secretion in the body. Insulin is a substance which can control the levels of glucose in our blood, and a lack of it causes diabetes type 1. Type 2 is a disease inked to inability of cells to use insulin. Read the rest of this entry »

migraineThose people who regularly suffer from such problem as migraines or chronic headaches know so well that it is not always effective to use prescription drugs and medicines. In many cases, they cause unwanted side effects and can not provide us with expected lasting relief. That is why more and more people choose natural supplements and herbal remedies for migraines, trying to achieve lasting results. Read the rest of this entry »

waterWater is a source of health, life and energy, but how much water should we consume and what the sufficient amounts of water are? Some specialists say that we need to drink not less than 2 liters a day, some nutritionists say that every individual knows how much is enough, and some experts are convinced that excessive amounts of water can be very harmful to our body. Read the rest of this entry »

Chronic StressesWe all know that slight stresses can play a positive role and do good for us by stimulating our abilities to focus and find effective solutions, generate innovative ideas and so on. But the same can’t be said about chronic stresses: they are very harmful and every one who is constantly affected by chronic stresses should be aware about increased risks of many diseases, like mental disorders, heart disease and so on. Read the rest of this entry »