Chang ShanRecently, the popularity of the Traditional Chinese medicine has been increasing causing a great interest to numerous ancient Chinese herbal remedies and natural treatments for almost all known treatable health conditions. These natural remedies have been used for centuries and known since the times of ancient Chinese medical traditions. Therefore, those old recipes and natural treatments are very highly regarded by all natural medicine proponents around the world. Thanks to the opportunities offered us by the world wide web, the best Chinese herbal remedies are now available to all those in need, and it is possible to purchase online a great deal of specific Chinese herbs or medicinal plants, ancient natural remedies, and natural health care products based on traditional Chinese natural remedies. Certainly, the list of such plants and herbs is huge, and it goes far beyond ginseng root, ginger, or ginkgo biloba which use to be more or less known before in Europe and the United States. Read the rest of this entry »

Pancreatic Cancer CurePancreatic cancer or pancreatic carcinoma is known as one of the most terrible and deadly types of cancer. According to the estimations, the five-year survival rate among those who are diagnosed with this terrible type of cancer is not higher than 6 per cent. The most distressful fact about pancreatic cancer is its progressing without any symptom, thus it is usually diagnosed only at the latest stages. That is the reason why there is no known pancreatic cancer cure, and the most effective treatment for pancreatic cancer discovered at least at the middle stages includes only surgical removal of carcinoma. The risk factors for pancreatic cancer embrace aging, smoking, suffering from type 2 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. Also, it is supposed that this type of cancer is a little more common in women rather than in man. Besides, some small role can be played by such risk factor as genetics. Read the rest of this entry »

Uses Of Tea Tree OilRecently, such an amazing natural remedy as tea tree essential oil has gained a great fame and popularity. I believe this product can be found in virtually every home. Why? Certainly because it offers us an amazing variety of very powerful properties and health benefits, thus there is a great number of tea tree oil uses. Known as an excellent anti-inflammatory, this essential oil can be used as acne treatment, as a great natural remedy to relieve the symptoms of respiratory system ailments, as well as a good natural solution for nail fungus. Check out more info about great tea tree oil and benefits here. This oil is widely available in numerous online shops or natural beauty shops, and it is extensively used in modern cosmetics industry.  In order to enjoy the mentioned healing powers of tea tree oil, make sure to purchase a high quality product. Also, talk to your health care specialist before testing the uses of tea tree oil since it can cause allergic reactions in some people. Read the rest of this entry »

Aphrodisiac FoodsDespite the fact that many of us do not actually believe in the powers of natural aphrodisiacs, a great deal of experts say that by using known spices, herbal remedies, or natural aphrodisiac foods we can successfully improve our sexual life, increase our libido and improve our fertility. Natural aphrodisiacs have been known and used for many centuries, and their properties are tested by our great grand moms and many previous generations. All you need to know is what foods can play a role of natural sex drive stimulants, and how to use them correctly in order to awaken the desire of yours or your partner. There is plenty of information available online, and in this article I’d like to present you the top 10 natural aphrodisiac foods recommended by Marioul Pugoy, a natural food guru and a founder of Sadhana Pty Limited, an Australian organic food company. Read the rest of this entry »

Home Remedies For HemorrhoidsThose who suffer from hemorrhoids know very well that despite the fact that this problem is considered minor and generally treatable, it bring a lot of pain and huge discomfort in the daily life. Known also as piles, this health condition is caused by swollen veins in lower rectum, which very often get inflamed and bring to even more pains or bleeding. There are two types of this ailment: internal hemorrhoids, when painful swollen veins are located inside of rectum, and external hemorrhoid, when they are located around the anus. It is estimated that every one of two people after 50 have well developed hemorrhoids and have to go through serious problems when going to the toilet. This health condition is more common in women since pregnancy is supposed to be one of the causes if hemorrhoids, due to extra pressure on the rectum veins. Digestive disorders and chronic constipation is another very common cause of hemorrhoids. Itching, pains when sitting, bleeding,  and sometimes even inability to complete the bowel movement cycle are the symptoms of the latest stages of this health condition. Read the rest of this entry »

Argan Oil For HairHair care and improving hair health are among the main concerns of modern ladies when it comes to their great look and beauty care. It is a known fact that in our times, a great number of women suffer from such problems as brittle hair, too dry or too oily hair, etc. Moreover, such serious health condition as hair loss, which is commonly considered a problem of men (since it is caused by increased amounts of male hormone testosterone in the body), has started being a true headache of many women, and mainly the women as young as 25-30 years old. Fortunately, female hair loss is known as a treatable problem provided the correct cause of female type hair loss is determined (the most common causes include hormonal shifts, poor nutrition, increased stresses, improper hair care and using too harsh hair styling approaches, excessive exposure to sunlight, and some others). Read the rest of this entry »