Orange JuiceFreshly squeezed fruit juices are known as very useful and nutritious products since they have high content of vitamins and minerals. However, it turned out that there are certain drawbacks of drinking some juices on a regular basis. In particular, our favorite refreshing OJ can be a good example. On one hand, orange juice is claimed to have positive effects on our cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as lower the risks of heart disease and some types of cancer. It should be your first choice as a source of Vitamin C when you are having a cold or flu. OJ can even bring some relief to those who suffer from arthritis pains, and can be used as a part of weight loss program.

On the other hand, it can actually be harmful to consume OJ (especially commercial orange juices we can find in our markets and stores) in great amounts. The specialists of the Eastman Institute for Oral Health at the University of Rochester’s Institute for Oral Health found out that orange juice has significant negative effects on our dental health. The experts claim that certain acids containing in OJ affect our tooth enamel causing its weakening and erosion. According to the results of the experiments, orange juice can decrease our tooth enamel hardness up to 84%!

Orange JuiceMoreover, the study showed that the effects of OJ on our tooth enamel are really devastating even in comparison with quite harmful dental procedures! In particular, the specialists underline that hydrogen peroxide, an important ingredient for teeth whitening, causes less damage to our tooth enamel than the acidic elements in OJ. “The acid is so strong that the tooth is literally washed away,” comments on of the research leaders Yan Fang Ren.

The expert also said that for the last decade, the problem of tooth enamel erosion has been a point of interest of many scientists around the globe, but this particular research “..allowed us to understand the effect of whitening on enamel relative to the effect of a daily dietary activity, such as drinking juices.” In order to avoid negative effects of OJ, Ren recommended to control its daily consumption or drink your OJ while your are eating meals: this way your teeth will be less exposed to harmful agents in orange juice. The findings of this research were published in Journal of Dentistry and presented at a specialized conference in Miami in spring 2009.

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2 Responses to “Orange Juice Destroys Tooth Enamel”

  1. Jonathan - Advanced Life SkillsNo Gravatar Says:

    It also raises blood sugar like rocket fuel and turns the system acid.

  2. AntoNo Gravatar Says:

    I totally agree! Orange juice not only has acid that demineralizes enamel, but also all the sugar in it causes decay.
    The best thing would be to eat oranges.