Olive Oil EffectsThose who are trying to find an effective approach to losing weight and keeping the body in a good shape are well aware about the fact that it is preferable using any kind of natural weight loss aids like herbal remedies, natural formulas and dietary supplements, and so on. That is why most of people who suffer from being overweight are primarily looking for natural treatments to speed up weight loss like using some natural extracts or spices that can sleep up metabolism, choosing low calorie foods which can assist in limiting their daily calorie intake, using natural appetite suppressants, or using special natural dietary supplements to stimulate weight loss. There are many natural foods known as very effective natural weight loss aids, and such ones as green tea, ginger root, beans, lean meat, overwhelming majority of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, and others.

At the same time, it is very important for those who are on low calorie diet to provide the body with necessary nutrients and vitamins, including amino acids and others. Recently, very interesting related findings were published saying that using some amounts of olive oil can play a role of weight loss aid. At that, olive oil effects for weight loss turned out to be various. Those are the conclusions of an extended international group of scientists at Munich’s Technische Universitaet and the University of Vienna who conducted the research and studied the effects of olive oil. Weight Loss AidsThe researchers came up with the idea that olive oil can be useful to those who are trying to lose weight since by consuming small amounts of olive oil can make us feel fuller for a longer period of time and decrease cravings. Moreover, as the experiment has shown, just a smell of olive oil can assist in suppressing appetite and play a role of one of the best natural weight loss aids.

For their experiments, the scientists invited a number of volunteers who agreed to participate in the lasting 3-month experiment. They were asked to consume 500 g of yogurt before eating their daily meals. At that a group of the participants was given yogurt with olive oil aroma, other group was given yogurt with butter aroma, others were given yogurt with rapeseed oil aroma or lard aroma.  Daily calorie intake and other relevant factors were thoroughly monitored. In three months, when the experiment was over and the data was analyzed, it turned out that those participants who were given yogurt with olive oil aroma reported consuming considerably less amount of calories during the day compared to those participants who were given yogurt with other aromas. On average, olive oil group participants reported consuming about 175 calories less, especially during the meal following the yogurt with olive oil aroma treat. In addition to that, the participants of olive oil group did not gain any amount of weight during the experiment, unlike the members of other experiment groups.

The findings of the researchers received one important prove. In order to support their conclusions, the scientists took blood samples of the participants. They could see that those of the participants who were offered a portion of yogurt with olive oil aroma before meals had much higher levels of hormone serotonin, which usually has strong associations with feeling full. It is the first time these amazing olive oil effects were discovered and thoroughly researched. The scientists are convinced that their findings can give new ideas and possibly spark a new innovative approach to weight loss in modern people.  ‘Our findings show that aroma is capable of regulating satiety. We hope that this work will pave the way for the development of more effective-reduced fat food products that are nonetheless filling.’ said Professor Schieberle, one of the study leaders and the author of the report about the research. Use organic high quality olive oil as  an ingredient for your salad dressing or in any other way (free from any heating) as one of the best natural weight loss aids and a healthy natural product for weight loss.

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    Just wanted to say that coconut all can also assist in weight loss. Coconut oil primarily consists of medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids can speed up the metabolism because they are so easily digested and converted into energy.