Extra weightIt is said that in the nearest future, the generation is going to suffer from the problems of extra weight and obesity more and more. In Britain, the specialists of the University of Oxford published their new findings. Years of observation of modern people’s eating habits and the tendencies of adult obesity made the specialists believe that by the year 2020 overweight and obesity will become a problem of much more amount of British people.

The studies leaded by Professor Klim McPherson, the chairperson of the National Heart Forum, were focused mostly on adult obesity. The experts came to the conclusion that in a decade, 41% of men between 20 and 65 will be obese, and the percentage of overweight people will reach up to 81%. For women, those numbers are 32% for obesity and 68% for being overweight. In other words, eight of ten men and almost seven of ten women will be overweight by 2020.

Professor McPherson comments on the finding as the following: “These trends demonstrate that the cautiously optimistic picture we presented in November 2009 for a levelling off of future obesity rates among children is not mirrored in adults.” In addition, the experts underline that there is one more serious reason to worry, because if this tendency really takes place and people go on growing fatter and fatter, the incidence of the diseases linked to having extra weight, like diabetes, heart disease and others, will increase dramatically.

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