Trying To Lose WeightIn modern times, increasing rates of obesity is among the most serious problems related to public health. There is a great deal of effective weight management techniques including a combination of a healthy low-calorie diet and active lifestyle, as well as supporting this tool with special natural solutions, i.e using herbal remedies to boost metabolism, consuming thermogenic (fat burning) foods, using healthy cooking methods, using special stress management exercises, and many more. There are really a great deal of natural ways to lose weight and maintain a healthy body mass, so those of us who are trying to lose weight fast should simply learn as much as possible about such techniques, including the latest developments and recommendations of modern scientists.

It is true that there is some continues work in scientific circles directed on creating even more effective strategies for losing weight and prevent obesity. As a result of such work, recently a new interesting idea came out from the scientists. According to the findings of an expert team for Joslin Diabetes Center, those who want to lose weight can go out and take a walk in cold weather, right after having meal. The scientists are convinced that low temperatures and cold weather are great factors to speed up metabolism, stimulate fat burning processes in the body, and give a spark to proper weight loss. It is believed that excellent effects of using this new weight loss approach can be achieved due to so called “brown” fat burning, the type of fat that generates heat and burns maximum amount of calories.

We propose that agents that work similarly to cold in activating brown fat specifically can provide promising approaches to fighting obesity while minimizing other side effects,” Dr Aaron Cypess, one of the leaders of Joslin Diabetes Center expert team. According to the expert this can be one of the most effective natural ways to lose weight. Natural Ways To Lose WeightHe said that exposure to low temperatures has been known to initiate the process called non-shivering thermogenesis, but this study turned out to be the first one to find out about brown fat activation and its effects on effective weight loss. Dr. Cypess says that in order to achieve good effects for weight loss, it is possible to use any agent to mimic the effects of cold.

In particular, for the experiments the scientists used the ephedrine and saline injections. The injections were given to a group of volunteers, and then some of them also were asked to wear some sort of ‘cooling vests’ filled up with water of 57F. This was followed by measuring the activities of fat. It turned out that brown fat was in the same condition after both ephedrine and saline injections. At the same time, for those participants who were using cooling vests, the activity of brown fat was significantly stimulated, causing more effective fat burn and positive effects on body mass. Therefore, by being exposed to lower temperatures, we considerably increase our chances to lose weight, even without spending a lot of efforts.

Agents that mimic cold activation of (brown fat) could provide a promising approach to treating obesity while minimizing systemic effects,” Dr. Cypess said. It seems like by using this new natural approach to weight loss, one can receive the same effects and health benefits as the ones that would have received after weeks of regular physical exercise and leading an active lifestyle. Trying to lose weight and looking for natural ways to lose weight fats and effectively? Check out more info about the findings of this interesting study in one of the latest issues of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science US.


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