Home Remedies For HemorrhoidsThose who suffer from hemorrhoids know very well that despite the fact that this problem is considered minor and generally treatable, it bring a lot of pain and huge discomfort in the daily life. Known also as piles, this health condition is caused by swollen veins in lower rectum, which very often get inflamed and bring to even more pains or bleeding. There are two types of this ailment: internal hemorrhoids, when painful swollen veins are located inside of rectum, and external hemorrhoid, when they are located around the anus. It is estimated that every one of two people after 50 have well developed hemorrhoids and have to go through serious problems when going to the toilet. This health condition is more common in women since pregnancy is supposed to be one of the causes if hemorrhoids, due to extra pressure on the rectum veins. Digestive disorders and chronic constipation is another very common cause of hemorrhoids. Itching, pains when sitting, bleeding,  and sometimes even inability to complete the bowel movement cycle are the symptoms of the latest stages of this health condition.

Fortunately, there are many effective treatments for hemorrhoids which can be good for everyone and are not linked to any serious complications or side effects. Some of them can bring relief and can be used on early stages of this health condition. Others involve more serious and aggressive approach and can be used to eliminate the problem, usually offered on later stages of the condition. If you want to calm down painful symptoms and relieve your condition, you can use a few effective treatments and home remedies for hemorrhoids. The first idea is using wet wipes (preferably Aloe vera wipes) instead of common dry toilet paper in order to avoid harsh treatments of sensitive swollen veins. Specialists also recommend taking Sitz bath (a warm bath) or applying cold ice pack to the area affected by hemorrhoids. It is possible to maximize the effects by alternating hot and cold compresses. Treatmens For HemorrhoidsFinally, it is possible to use special creams with horse chestnut, butcher’s broom, japanese pagoda tree, of other natural extracts for relieving swollen veins and reducing the symptoms. Check out more  options and information about the best organic treatments for hemorrhoids and natural hemorrhoid relief here.

If you can not manage to receive the expected relief and get free form pain or other symptoms, try using more aggressive approaches. It is possible to use local anesthetics or any over-the-counter special hemorrhoids cream. They usually work very good to relieve pains and discomfort when sitting or using toilet. It is also crucial to keep your anal area clean, but keep in mind that using soap can sometimes bring to increased discomfort. Sometimes it can be effective to use muscle relaxants like Ben Gay, but such kind of treatments can not work good for everyone, so it is recommended to try a very very small dose of this remedy. Finally, taking oral painkillers like Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, or others can also assist in reducing pain. Many people can achieve success by using such kind of natural  treatments for hemorrhoids.  However, it is not possible to reverse this problem or get rid of it completely, and those people who suffer from chronic pains, persistent bleeding or other hard symptoms can be offered a few minimally invasive procedures. Those include special laser treatments (coagulation techniques), sclerotherapy (injecting special materials to assist hemorrhoid tissue shrinking), or a technology known as rubber band ligation.

Finally, changing your diet and using plenty of natural foods as natural treatments for hemorrhoids. Many specialists say that normalizing our digestion and consuming plenty of natural fiber is a great solution for this problem. Nutritionists recommend those who suffer from hemorrhoids to add to their daily diet such foods as beans, oatmeal, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, apples, berries, artichokes, whole whet pasta, brown rice, corn, and other natural sources of fiber. Use plenty of outdoor activities especially outdoor cardiovascular exercises like walking, swimming, cycling, jogging, and so on, which can work great to stimulate bowel movements and prevent constipation. It is also very important to drink plenty of water or unsweetened tea, and avoid consuming heavy foods (especially spicy, fried or dry foods like chips) which can cause constipation. Try to avoid alcohol consumption and smoking which are also reported to contribute in development of hemorrhoids. Try to follow a proper schedule of passing stools, but avoid waiting for long and especially forcing yourself to go at the particular time since it can aggravate the problem.

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