Natural Treatment For DepressionDepression and chronic stresses are among the most topical social problems of our times, and a great deal of modern people are affected by the symptoms of these psychological conditions. Our daily stresses, problems at work, difficulties in our private life, health conditions, financial issues, economic and political instability, as well as many other factors, cause chronic depression, which sometimes growth into a serious clinical depression. It is estimated that in today’s United States, about 20 millions people suffer from chronic or clinical depression, and most of those are looking for an effective natural treatment for depression, even though they are aware about the fact that treatment does not always help those with a serious depression.

Herbal remedies are considered the best natural depression treatment, and using herbal teas, capsules, extracts, or herbal preparations with St. John’s Wort, valerian, passion flower, or ginkgo biloba can be an excellent solution. Herbal remedies for depression can be bought in pharmacies, herbal shops or online medical stores. Using common relaxation techniques (yoga, breathing exercises, outdoor exercises, knitting, playing musical instruments, and many more) or aromatherapy techniques can also have positive effects and assist those who suffer from chronic depression. However, most of us seek fast relieve and opt for drug therapy. In cases of serious chronic depression, it is recommended to see a doctor and join special psychological therapy groups to receive a proper support of specialists and meet people who have the same problem. Remember that chronic depression should not be left untreated since this is a very serious condition which can bring to unexpected side effects.

A group of scientists from the University of Michigan and Stanford University offer us a new natural treatment for depression, a simple and very effective one, free from side effects and totally safe. They are convinced that a walk in the park can have amazing positive effects and have excellent relaxing benefits for those who suffer from chronic depression. Scientists at the U.S. and Canadian universities teamed up to study the effects of being exposed to nature as a potential natural depression treatment. During the research, the scientists looked closely at the ways how natural walks can improve cognitive skills and mood of the people who suffer from chronic depression and other related psychological disorders. Natural Depression TreatmentThe findings of this interesting study were published earlier this spring in one of the issues of the Journal of Affective Disorders.

According to Dr. Marc G. Berman, one of the study leaders and an expert at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, during the experiment the participants with clinical depression have showed considerable improvement of their memory performance after walking in nature, and these effects were not likely to be received after walking in an urban environment. He says that a 60-minute walk in a park or woodland park gave a considerable mental boost to all patients with chronic depression, at that improving their attention and memory by as much as 16 per cent (as the tests have shown). It was impossible to receive similar effects after having a 60-minute stroll in an urban environment. Thus, specialists recommend interacting with nature, not only for those who seek for a relief from chronic depression and are in need of a natural depression treatment, but also for those who are so much affected by internet and closed office environment.

However, the specialist suggests using this effective relaxation technique along with other kinds of depression treatment, like drug therapy, psychological support, or using natural depression treatments. “Walking in nature may act to supplement or enhance existing treatments for clinical depression, but more research is needed to understand just how effective nature walks can be to help improve psychological functioning,” Dr. Berman said. He reported that the work if his research group is highly appreciated and supported by the officials from the National Institute of Mental Health. As to financial support, the experiments are sponsored by both the TKF Foundation and the NIMH organizations. Learn more detailed information about the research and the findings of American and Canadian specialists here.

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