best hangover remediesI am sure that even the most avid healthy lifestyle proponents can suffer from hangovers, at least once or twice in their life. Actually, quite a lot of today’s people are not strangers to hangovers and their ‘morning after’ effects on health condition. Severe headaches and stomach ache, nausea, queasiness, extreme weakness and muscle aches, feeling inability to pull oneself together and rise from the bed – those are the most common aftereffects of heavy celebrations or wildest parties with plenty of alcohol consumed. Undoubtedly, alternative medicine has found miraculous herbal remedies and natural treatments for this very unpleasant condition, and learning how to battle a hangover in natural ways can give some of us a helping hand in certain moments of our lives.

So, here is the list of the best and the most effective natural remedies for hangover which were tested and approved by several generations of our ancestors. It is possible to choose one or a few of the best hangover remedies offered below and manage to get rid of the unpleasant condition without exposing your body to the risks related to taking pharmaceuticals and synthesized medicines.

– Drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice can be a perfect first remedy to relieve the symptoms of hangover. Staying hydrated will help you remove all the toxins from your body and start feeling better as soon as possible.

remedies for hungoverVery good effects can be achieved after drinking a cup of freshly prepared ginger tea with some lemon juice. Ginger tea is considered the most effective herbal tea for upset stomach and queasiness (which is also absolutely safe and can be used even by pregnant women). Therefore, it plays a key role among the best hangover remedies known.

– Drinking a cup of sugar free green tea with several drops of lemon juice can be a great natural remedy, too. Green tea is a very gentle and effective detoxifyer which can assist you in cleaning up your body cells from toxic substances.

– Freshly squeezed tomato or carrot juices are the best and actually the only recommended juices that can assist us in combating the effects of heavy alcohol consumption. These juices are quite rich in fiber and also they can work great to support the function of our liver in its work on removing toxins from the body.

– It is possible to use herbal remedies for hangover. Those include thyme, peppermint, willow bark, evening primrose, centaury, fennel, and others. Drinking a glass of herbal tea made from one of the mentioned herbs (you can add several drops of lemon juice and high quality honey) can be one of the best remedies for hangover and assist you in bringing yourself back to order quite effectively.

– If you can, try to sleep your hangover off. Usually, people sleep good within several ours after increased alcohol consumption, but when the effects start wearing off and all unpleasant symptoms of hangover start taking place, most of us can not think about sleeping at all. Certainly, sleep deprivation can not assist in relieving the effects of hangover, and those who can sleep after having the first symptoms combated should definitely do so.

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