stressSuffering from daily anxiety and stress is normal. It’s a natural reaction to the negative things that you encounter every day. But when that stress starts to impact your life it can be a problem. If you feel stress every day at work or home, chances are it is affecting your quality of life, and unless you can relieve the stress you’ll be unable to enjoy many of life’s enjoyable activities.

Pharmaceutical companies have created medicines that are designed to relieve stress, but these medicines are nowhere near ideal for combatting daily mental health problems – and not just for those that believe in the power of herbal medicine; the pharmaceutical medicine for regular stress is loaded with side effects comparable to some of the worst modern medicines. They are a poor solution to any regular, daily stress.

The Comparison Between Side Effects and Anxiety/Stress

Even those that promote pharmaceutical medicines understand that there needs to be a worthwhile tradeoff between possible side effects of a drug and the issues it relieves. For example, “Dry Mouth” is a side effect of many pharmaceutical medications, but if the disease is something serious, it makes some sense to risk the symptoms in order to clear the disease.

But anxiety and stress are manageable. Although no one likes to live with anxiety or stress, it’s possible to wake up each morning and handle these issues. They’re unpleasant, but they’re not debilitating. Yet the side effects of pharmaceutical medications can be not only irritating – they can be dangerous. Addiction is common, as is complete personality changes as some of these medicines dull your mind and body. It’s not a respectable tradeoff for those suffering from upsetting but manageable anxiety.

Finding a Natural Solution

Natural SolutionsThat’s why when it comes mental health issues like anxiety, natural remedies are the clear winner. These remedies can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and stress without any side effects, and compared to pharmaceutical medicines they are a far better treatment, offering the same solutions with:

  • No health side effects.
  • No chance of addiction.
  • No personality changes.

It makes sense to use these herbal remedies as a solution to anxiety issues, because only natural remedies can provide relief without the many considerable consequences as pharmaceutical medicine.

Types of Herbal Supplements

There are also several types of herbal supplements available. By far the most effective is kava. Kava has received substantial clinical research at major universities as a potential solution to anxiety and stress, and all available evidence shows that kava is the perfect choice for both mild and moderate anxiety. Like any good natural medicine, kava has no possibility of addiction, no withdrawal symptoms, and no side effects.

KavaKava does have clinical properties, so it does need to be taken with care. You cannot drink alcohol with kava, nor should you abuse kava in such a way that you take something other than the recommended dosage. Kava is also fat soluble, so it needs to be taken with food or with some type of fat containing drink that can release the kavalactones (the agents that reduce anxiety) and work properly.

But if taken correctly, kava is easily one of the most powerful, natural, and effective ways to reduce daily stress and anxiety, and a far better option than pharmaceutical medicine.

Other Natural Anxiety Relief Options

Other herbal remedies have also received attention of late. Passionflower has shown early signs of being an effective daily anxiety reduction supplement with similar qualities as kava. Passionflower is considered a better option for mild anxiety – anxiety that affects you regularly, but not to a degree that you couldn’t live with it if necessary. Passionflower is currently receiving more attention as a possible solution to moderate anxiety as well.

Also, several teas are available made from a mix of ingredients that are believed to be useful for handling stress. Teas with chamomile, peppermint, and more are all considered useful solutions to regular, daily stress. Some research has also concluded that the simple act of drinking tea can be calming as well, making tea another excellent option for mild anxiety.

Choosing Herbal Remedies Over Pharmaceutical Medicine

Skeptics of most herbal supplements have an understandable reason to choose pharmaceutical medicine for some of the more serious diseases. But for anxiety and stress – two issues that can affect your life considerably without causing any debilitating problems – pharmaceutical medicine is simply not the right solution. The side effects and risks are too great and the benefits too small.

Instead, you should choose to use natural herbal supplements that have shown excellent benefits for treating both anxiety and stress but without any of the harmful risks. Kava, and other herbs, have been proven effective in scientific studies, and are a much better choice for your daily stress and anxiety needs.

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