anxietyNatural remedies are becoming more and more popular. People are discovering that the expensive and highly processed pills recommended by their doctors do not actually improve their health, and are causing more long-term health issues than they could have imagined.  To avoid having to pay high premiums or take potentially hazardous medications everyday, many individuals are searching for more natural ways to treat everyday ailments, including anxiety. Searching for new options and natural remedies for anxiety, they are turning to body work, essential oils, and more, and many people are finding that these holistic options give them more relief than conventional medicine. Here are 5 good places to start:

1. Bach Flower Essences. Bach Flower Essences are some of oldest, most trusted homeopathic remedies around, and they come in the form of drops that you can either mix into a glass of water or place under the tongue. Natural Remedies For AnxietyThese essences are derived from natural plant sources, and are 100% natural and are safe to keep around animals and children, which isn’t something that can be said for most medications today. Use the Rescue Remedy blend for times of immediate crisis and intense stress. For longer lasting treatments, try Mimulus, Aspen and Rock Rose.

2. Herbal Remedies. People have been using plants as medicine for thousands of years. They are often easier on the body than harsh chemicals, and produce the same positive effects as many Western medications. Try passionflower, chamomile, and valerian. Herbs can be taken as teas, tinctures and in pill form. St. John’s Wort and Melatonin can also help curb your mood by reducing the amount of anxiety you are feeling, and can often be purchased in pill form at your local pharmacy or local all-purpose store.

3. Aromatherapy. Although well known, not many people actually consider using aromatherapy on a regular basis as one of the natural remedies for anxiety.  Our sense of smell is actually one of the quickest to respond, and by using aromatherapy, you can quickly wash away the anxiety of the day.  Many scents are known to relax the body and soothe the mind. Lavender is the most frequently used scent for aromatherapy. Other good options include rose, sandalwood, jasmine, cypress and geranium.The best way to access these scents is by using essential oils. You can add them to baths, lightly douse pillows with them, or use them in massages. You can even mix them into your favorite lotions or creams to provide yourself with soothing scents all day long. Try to find organic essential oil for the purest smells and make sure they are skin safe if you are going to put them in your bath or on your body.

4. Remedies For AnxietyDaily Spiritual Practice. There are many forms of spiritual practice that can help alleviate fear and anxiety while increasing your sense of connection and well being. There’s likely one that fits with your belief system and comfort level. Some of the most popular include prayer, meditation and yoga. If nothing else, sitting outside in a natural, green space is deeply soothing for most people.
If possible, perform your chosen practice every day. The routine itself may become soothing. For many of these practices, the effectiveness increases over time with repetition, and you will find yourself yearning for your daily practice.

5. Body Work. Stress and tension are often held in the body, particularly in the muscles. Body work includes a range of techniques, such as massage, shiatsu and stretching, that are designed to guide the body in releasing these stored up emotions.  Choosing to actively seek out massage or a place to perform body work can be a great way for you to relieve stress and tension which can prevent further discomfort from forming in the future. If you are seeking a professional masseuse, be sure to find one that you trust and feel comfortable with.  Searching for the right masseuse may take time so don’t become deterred should you not like your first or second masseuse you see.  Each one has their own touch, and sometimes even those that come highly recommended by friends and family, may not be the right one for you.

As you can see, there are a wide range of natural remedies for anxiety. You don’t have to continue to suffer, yet you don’t have to continue to pop pain killers or visit your doctor to ease your chronic pain. You can take charge of your own healing and find what works for you, whether it be aromatherapy or meditation.

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