White Willow BarkA gracious and beautiful tree, white willow (known also as weeping willow) is famous for being one of the richest natural aspirin sources, which also plays a role of an important natural remedy and is used in folk and traditional medicines of many nations around the world. In particular, while willow bark has been used for many centuries in Traditional Chinese medicine for its excellent properties as a natural painkiller. Besides, such therapeutic properties of this natural remedy as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial are also known for ages, and in the 18th century special formulas with willow bark were widely used in Europe to combat such diseases as malaria, bubonic plague, and so on.

Naturalists all around the world suggest using willow bark powder as a great natural remedy not only for various infections, but also to relieve such symptoms as fever, inflammation, headaches, joint pains, and many others. This powder, and all its extracts or herbal preparations, are rich in such chemical compound as salicin, which decades ago was extracted from willow bark and became a Natural Aspisin Sourcesbasic element for creating pharmaceutical aspirin, the most known and common remedy to reduce fever, relieve pains and inflammation.

In addition, numerous studies have shown that it is possible to use aspirin for effective prevention of such serious diseases and health conditions as the most common types of cancer, as well as numerous heart problems including heart attack, a stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and others. In addition to that, white willow bark powder is considered an excellent natural remedy for those who regularly suffer from chronic headaches and migraines as this natural solution has a property to reduce headaches and attacks.

The best way to use white willow bark as a natural aspirin is preparing a special infusion: place some powder (counting 1 teaspoon for 1 cup of tea) in some small clean fabric, steep in water for 10-15 minutes, and let it wait for 7-8 hours. Then strain your drink and use it. The taste of the white willow bark tea is usually bitter, so you can add some honey or sugar to improve it. It contrast to pharmaceutical aspirin, this herbal remedy does not cause stomach upset, pains and other related problems. Pregnant women or people with serious digestive problems should keep away of this remedy. Remember that in case if you want to use white willow bark or other effective natural aspirin sources, it is necessary to talk to your health care specialist or a health care professional in order to prevent allergic or other unwanted reactions and side effects.

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