natural aspirinWe all know very well what aspirin is. Known also as Acidum acetylsalicylicum, or acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin is one of the best researched chemical substance which is produced and commonly used as a pharmaceutical drug. Arthur Eichengrün, a German chemist who discovered aspirin, recommended using it as an effective anti-inflammatory remedy for such health conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and related joint pains. Later on, very powerful health benefits of aspirin as a painkiller were discovered, so this drug became a first aid for all sorts of pains, as well as for such symptoms of respiratory infections as fever, muscle aches, headache, and so on.

Shortly after, anti-thrombotic properties of aspirin were discovered, and till now aspirin plays a role as an effective remedy to prevent and treat heart attacks, strokes, ischaemic strokes, cardiovascular disease, vascular problems, and so on. Today’s health care specialists recommend taking aspirin as an excellent blood thinner to assist in preventing clots formation. Finally, studies have shown that aspirin can be also used to lower the risks of Alzheimer’s disease, control blood sugar levels, prevent cataract, combat migraines, and even serve as a powerful anti-cancer agent.

Though aspirin is known as a pharmaceutical drug, since the 19th century is known that there are natural sources and herbal remedies containing chemical compounds similar to salicylates. For example,  roots of meadowsweet (Spiraea ulmaria) are considered among the richest sources of natural aspirin, and the name of this chemical compound is derived from the botanical name of the herb: Spiraea – A-spirin. Sources of natural aspirinActually, there is a great deal of herbs, plants, or fruits that contain natural aspirin, including willow tree, nettle, feverfew, wild pansy, raspberry leaves, cherries, blackberries, apples, peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, and so on. Salicylates exist even in coffee and cocoa beans.

Centuries ago, people used to consume proper amounts of natural foods rich in salicylates, so they could receive sufficient amounts of this important substance and boost the function of the immune system. Some naturalists say that in order to receive proper dose of natural salicylates it is enough to eat 5 types of fresh fruit or veggies. Natural aspirin helps to block all inflammatory processes in the body, lower high body temperature, relieve pain, and so on. At that, therapeutic actions and healing powers of natural aspirin are as strong and effective as the actions of pharmaceutical aspirin.

In particular, specialists believe that using anti-thrombotic health benefits of aspirin in its natural forms can have even be more effective than using traditional aspirin pills. Natural aspirin has softer actions and using it is not linked to the most common side effects of using pharmaceutical aspirin like gastrointestinal problems, bleeding, etc. If you want to improve your health by using natural aspirin, consider using willow bark, meadowsweet or other herbal remedies known as powerful sources of natural aspirin.  However, do not forget to talk to your health care specialist about this issue.

Author Info: Hi! My name is Carla and I am a 5th year medical student at HYMS. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.

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