Muesli Healthy ChoiceMany of us like eating muesli for breakfast considering this to be a good and healthy choice. However, recently the researchers came up with the idea that many types of muesli can be not as healthy as they are actually known, and eating muesli sometimes can be more harmful than eating a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder. Specialists from CHOICE (an Australian organization created to get the most out of all consumer’s purchasing decisions by providing a mix of advocacy and advice) comment on these amazing findings of the group of Australian nutritionists who carried out a series of researches and analyzed the contents of more than 159 types of muesli.

It turns out that this common breakfast is not always a healthy choice! The researches have shown that almost every three of four common brands of muesli offer us the products with one or more type of potential harm to our health. In particular, one known brand, The Muesli, contains almost 100 percent more fat than a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder. Therefore, eating a portion of such muesli can hardly bring anything good to our health! It was also found out that other brands, like Nu-Vit Low Fat Fruity Muesli Gluten Free or Sunsol Gluten Free contain up to 43 percent of sugar. This index if very high and is actually 7 percent higher than the one of Choco Pops.

muesliWhilst much of the fat content in muesli is the ‘good’ unsaturated type, coming from oats, seeds and nuts, the high fat varieties can still pack a high number of kilojoules,” says Ingrid Just, a spokesman for CHOICE organization. “If you are eating muesli to try and lose weight then the overall fat and sugar content needs to be taken into consideration,” she underlines.

However, the most important problem is the fact that nutrition claims that we can see on the packs of most muesli brands to do have true or whole information about chemical content of the product. “The most common are gluten-free and wheat-free claims or relate to fibre and or wholegrain content. But low in salt, no added sugar, high protein, low GI and low fat claims are also popular,” the expert says. “Morpeth Sourdough Muesli Delux says it has ‘no added sugar’ but its dried fruit content and added honey result in a product that’s almost 28 per cent sugar,” CHOICE spokesman says. Be careful when choosing muesli!

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