Brain FunctionThough milk is known as a healthy natural beverage, there are various opinions about how much useful this natural product can be for adults. Children are recommended to consume milk in order to provide their body with sufficient amounts of calcium and proteins, strengthen their bones and teeth, increase their intake of natural vitamins and so on. Many scientists say that milk consumption is good for adults as well, and can help prevent such diseases as osteoporosis and others. However, some experts believe that milk can not be good for adults and can increase our risks of heart disease, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular problems. I suppose, moderate consumption of milk will not harm the health of neither children, nor grown-ups.

In anyways, the findings of a new study have shown that a regular moderate milk consumption is linked to a better memory and boosted brain function. A group of scientists from the University of Maine in the U.S. carried out a series of studies and found out that those who drink milk and consume other dairy products (like cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, and others), have stronger brainpower and better abilities to memorize things. milk consumptionIt became apparent after offering the participants, almost one thousand of men and women aged between 28 and 98, a number of key tests for brain function.

After a thorough analysis of daily diet and nutritional habits of the participants, followed by the tests to check out memory, cognitive functions, concentration, learning abilities, and other factors related to brain function, it turned out that dairy product and milk consumption can boost our memory and cognitive abilities to a great extent! As the actual data have shown, those who used to consume moderate amounts of dairy products on a daily basis showed from 5 to 6 times better results of the tests compared to those participants who consumed dairy products occasionally (two-three times a week).

The researchers who worked on this project, suppose that this miraculous properties linked to daily milk consumption, can be attributed to the properties of such mineral as magnesium which can be found in milk and plays a role for memory and brain function. It is stated in the release about this research by the University of Maine experts: ‘New and emerging brain health benefits are just one more reason to start each day with low-fat or fat-free milk.’ Read more about this study and its findings in one of the latest issues of the International Dairy Journal.

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