Type 2 DiabetesIn the modern world, a great deal of people, men and women, are suffering from such problem as extra weight which is strictly linked to many negative factors, including highly elevated risks of developing a great deal of very dangerous diseases and ailments. It is a known fact that people with a high BMI are way more prone to developing such disease as type 2 diabetes, which is becoming more and more common nowadays. However, a study has shown that men can be more likely to develop this disease than women, due to certain biological specifics of their body.

A team of scientists from the University of Glasgow, led by Naveed Sattar, a Professor of the Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences, found out that in order to develop diabetes, men need to have less extra weight than women, thus making type 2 diabetes more common in men than in women. BMIDuring the research, the records and information about almost 52,000 men and 43,100 women with type 2 diabetes were analyzed and thoroughly studied. A special attention was paid to anthropometric data and body mass info, including such common index as BMI.

It was found out that at the time when the participants of the study developed type 2 diabetes, men had average BMI that equals to 31.83, while women who developed this health condition had average BMI of 33.69. It is believed that the key role in this phenomenon is played by such factor as body fat distribution. In a man’s body, fat is usually stored around the waist and close to most of the vital body organs like liver and the pancreas. In contrast to that, in a woman’s body fat is usually stored in such areas as the hips or thighs, making extra weight a little less linked to damaging the function of vital organs of the body.

Dr. Sattar comments on the findings as the following: “Previous research has indicated that middle-aged men are at a higher risk of developing diabetes than women and one possible explanation is that men have to gain less weight than women to develop the condition. In other words, men appear to be at higher risk for diabetes.” Based on the findings of this study, there were many comments of other experts as well, and most of the specialists underline the necessity of making all efforts on reducing modern people’s body mass and lowering the risks of developing serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes. More information about this research can be found ┬áin the latest issue of the journal Diabetologia.

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