Health benefits of mandarin fruitsMandarins are among the most delicious and useful fruits with a great variety of health benefits. World’s leading specialists and scientists carry on studying unique therapeutic properties and health benefits of mandarin fruits. In particular, the specialists from South Korea recently found out that regular consumption of mandarin juice is linked to lower risks of having liver cancer and liver diseases, as well as to more effective weight management.

The experiments involved more that 60 Korean secondary school students who suffer from overweight. 30 of them undergo a special treatment which included exercising and regular consumption of mandarin juice, and other 30 students were only doing physical exercises. As a result, after 60 days of the treatment, the children from the first group managed to demonstrate better results as to weight reduction.

mandarin juiceTo support the findings, the specialists continued the experiments with rats. For several weeks the rodents were receiving small doses of mandarin extracts, and in two months they managed to reduce their mass in average for 45%. At that, their body fat decreased for 57%. The experiments continued and the specialists found out that mandarin juice is a good natural remedy for liver problems.  Therefore, more and more of wonderful health benefits of mandarin fruit are being discovered.

These findings actually confirmed the results of an earlier study by the scientists at Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan, which also pointed on possible positive effects of mandarin fruit consumption on our liver function. Specialists are sure that this interesting information will contribute in popularization of fresh mandarin juice consumption and assist in lowering the number of people with overweight. Moreover, the specialists are now working on creating a new natural therapeutic drink which would include the extracts of mandarin fruit and other herbal remedies. This new drink will help everyone to lose weight in a natural way and be more healthy.

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