Male BaldnessNowadays, hair loss is a very common problem, and very often young men start losing their hair in their early twenties. Male baldness in young men always puts them down and brings a lot of negative emotions, but now there’s something that can cheer ’em up a little! According to the findings of a group of specialists at the University of Washington School of Medicine, losing hair in early age is linked to almost twice lower chances of having such a common disease, as prostate cancer.

About 2,000 men of age 40-47 participated in the experiments, and about 50% of the men had prostate cancer on various stages. The scientists interviewed the men and compared the rate of cancer of those who started losing hair before 30 with the condition of the men who did not lose hair. It turned out that the risks of having tumors is twice lower for those men, who suffer from hair loss in their early twenties.

Prostate CancerProfessor Jonathan Wright, a specialist in cancer at the University of Washington School of Medicine, comments on the findings of his colleagues as the following: “At first, the findings were surprising, but we found that early onset baldness was associated with a 29 per cent to 45 per cent reduction in their relative risk of prostate cancer.” Another expert, Dr. Helen Rippo, says that these findings could be helpful in understanding of how male hormones behave and affect body tissues.

The results of this scientific research are to be published in the coming issue of the journal Cancer Epidemiology, and they are controversial in many contexts. In particular, most of the previous studies showed that losing hair in early ages is actually linked to higher risks of cancer, because male baldness and male type hair loss are caused by excessive production of male hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. It is known that in most situations hair loss is caused by such factor as genetics.

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