low calorie dietIf you are thinking about starting a new healthy low-calorie diet plan, cutting on calories and trying to reduce weight this way, get ready for more hardships. According to the findings of the experts from the American Association for the Advancement of Science organization, it is actually very hard to lose weight by blindly using a low-calorie diet, even the healthiest one, because calorie restriction causes slowed down metabolism, as well as such well know side effects as fatigue, being irritated and sensitive, inability to focus and perform our daily tasks, chronic depression, insomnia, and many more.

The experts suggest, the impact of a low calorie diet on our metabolism is the most important factor which also slows down weight loss to a great extent. It is officially claimed that cutting our daily calorie intake down for 500 calories can help us shed approximately one pound a week, but these expectations can be too high, provided a low calorie diet is used not in combination with plenty of physical activities and at least 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio workouts on a daily basis. weight lossThus, Boyd Swinburn, an obesity expert from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, and other weight loss experts suggest all of us be patient and do not expect fast results.

The UK specialists offer those of us who want to shed some pounds, estimate own chances to achieve the desired body mass and adjust their expectations using special online calculator, the Body Weight Simulator (at bwsimulator.niddk.nih.gov). With the help of this calculator, every particular person can find out how much less he or she needs to eat, or how much more he or she needs to exercise in order to lose a certain number of pounds. This tool can also assist us all in being more realistic in our desire to put off weight, and set up realistic goals.

Still, the experts tell us to take our weight loss efforts slower and do not make it really hard for our body with low calorie diets. The nutritionists say that weight loss and becoming more fit are rather a long marathon than sprint, therefore, in case if our efforts in order to achieve rapid weight loss goals failed, we should get ready for a longer run and be more patient. They underline that in modern world of fitness, losing as much as a half pound a week can be considered a very good achievement. Also, when using a low calorie diet, it is very important to control own metabolic rate and avoid too slow metabolism.

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