Lemon JuiceMany of us prefer adding some lemon juice and possibly some honey to our favorite herbal teas. Sometimes lemon or lime juice make herbal teas like sage tea, dandelion root tea, ginger root tea, nettle tea or others taste better and more pleasant. Also, lemon juice is an excellent source of natural vitamin C, a nutrient necessary for boosting the function of our immune system. In addition to numerous other health benefits of lemon juice, it was recently discovered that herbal tea with lemon can increase the effectiveness of certain prescription medications and drugs.

According to the news reported by The Science Today, a group of American pharmacists found out that using herbal teas with lime or lemon juice shortly after taking pills or supplements is linked to better effectiveness of the most medications. Laboratory tests have shown that lemon juice, lime juice or other type of citrus juice contain kaptizol, a natural substance which plays a role in PH level regulation, this way reducing the effects of excessively acidic stomach environment and creating much more favorable conditions for drug absorption. At that, in order to increase the absorption of medicines, it is possible to use not only herbal teas, but also mineral water with a little of citrus juice.

Earlier, a number of studies aimed to understanding the effects of citrus juices on herbal teas were carried out by the specialists of the National Institute of Health. Several years ago it was discovered that adding a bit of lemon or lime juice to the green tea can assist in boosting antioxidant effects of the beverage immensely. If you want to get more benefits out of your cup of green tea, add a little of citrus juice but keep in mind that vitamin C is destroyed in high temperatures. That is why you should add lemon or other citrus juice to your tea when it is cooled down and ready for being consumed. Also, you can choose buying special ready-to-drink products which have ascorbic acid in their formulas.

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