Juice FastingWhat Is Juice Fasting

Natural juices (freshly squeezed and NOT commercially produced ones) are considered among the healthiest beverages. They should be incorporated in any type of a healthy diet plan. Juice fasting is replacing our daily meals and beverages with 100 per cent organic freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices (or their mixtures). Benefits of juice fasting are numerous, and a properly worked out juice fasting plan can be a very effective approach to improving our overall health, preventing a great number of diseases and ailments, stimulating detoxification and maximizing the effects of our weight management efforts.

Not many people heard about such a thing as juice fasting (which was actually developed as an effective natural detox diet), and most of those who are familiar with the concept of juice fasting are certain that this is one more effective technology to aid weight loss and assist in losing extra fat deposits. Undoubtedly, using juice fasting for weight loss is a very smart idea, but this approach goes way beyond. Below, you can check out more information about other numerous health benefits of juice fasting and decide for yourself whether or not it is worth trying this alternative therapeutic method for eliminating toxins from the body, as well as making you healthier and more energetic.

Using Juice Fasting For Your Health

Juice Fasting PlanNutritious and thirst quenching, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies can be used as a total substitution for our daily meals and beverages for a short time (1-3 days). Juices can provide our body with virtually all micro-elements and nutrients necessary for normal function of all our body systems and organs. In addition to amazing nutritional benefits of juice fasting, this healing technique can inspire every one of us for using our own creativity and making our own mixes and delicious variations, involving our most favorite and the most nutritious fruits, veggies, and leafy greens. Using freshly juiced fruits and vegetables is a safe therapeutic approach to help us live a longer and happier life which has been successfully tested for many decades and gave excellent results.

The main mistake of those who are willing to try juice fasting is the absence of a well-thought strategy. Juice fasting is not about drinking orange juice or tomato juice all day long for 2-3 days. Even a very short-term  juice fasting plan requires making the effort and proper planning of what juice or mixture of what juices one should take. Experts recommend mixing fruit juices with vegetable juices, especially mixing ‘juicy’ fruits (like apples, grapes, oranges, kale, etc.) with fleshy fruits (berries, peaches, tomatoes, carrots, etc.). Using only ‘in-season’ fruits and veggies is another very important recommendation for those who what to enjoy the benefits of juice fasting.

Juice Fasting For Weight Loss

Juice Fasting For Weight LossAs I have mentioned before, juice fasting was developed as a detox diet to stimulate toxin removal from the body, speed up metabolism and promote weight loss. Experts say that stimulating detoxification can assist our body in diverting energy from extra toxin removal to more effective fat loss, this way promoting weight loss and preventing obesity along with all health risks associated with it.  A juice fasting plan can be an excellent nutrition plan for weight loss since it does not involve consuming considerable amounts of carbs and fats.

A great number of studies proved the effectiveness of short-time fasting and juice fasting for our health, including very early studies by the experts at the University of Chicago, published in the middle of the last century. Using juice fasting for weight loss is a great natural way to support our normal body weight which can be used by everyone who has no serious health conditions (including stomach ulcers, serious diseases related to liver, etc.), without fears to suffer from serious side effects. Talking to an experienced nutritionist or a health care specialist can help maximize the effects of juice fasting and take into account current health condition.

Other Benefits Of Juice Fasting

In addition to the mentioned benefits of juice fasting for weight loss, there is a great deal of other

  • Benefits Of Juice FastingA properly formulated juice fasting plan helps providing our body with all essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which our body utilizes for its daily functions.
  • This type of diet can help providing our body with necessary fuel and energy it needs for performing its daily activities.
  • Using a special juice fasting plan can be a great solution to control blood sugar level for those who suffer from diabetes mellitus.
  • Juice fasting helps our body eliminate microorganisms, dead cells,excess mucous, as well as all types of other unnecessary and potentially harmful material from the body.
  • This therapeutic technique is linked to increased production of white blood cells, thus to improved function of the immune system and lowered risks of infections.
  • Using fleshy juices rich in dietary fiber (like tomato juice, peach juice, etc.) can greatly assist in appetite suppressing and making us control our daily calorie consumption.
  • Benefits of juice fasting also include anti-stress effects and improved brain function, along with lower risks of suffering from mental and brain disorders.


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