Aid Weight LossPhysical activities and regular exercise are the key part of any effective weight loss program. Probably, many of us have found out from our own experience that it is very hard to achieve positive and stable results by only watching our calorie intake or using crash diets, without regular exercising and getting involved in daily physical activities. However, most of us have plenty of excuses for not exercising every day, like feeling too tired, feeling sick, being too busy and having no time for exercising, and many more. That’s fine! It can be really not easy to pull ourselves together and go in for sports after sitting at the desk for 8-10 hours in the office. At the same time, there is some good news for those who like excuses but still want to put off weight or at least remain in the current shape. According to the latest findings, intense exercise for just 2-2.5 minutes every day can work out great and aid weight loss quite effectively!

A group of scientists from Colorado State University are convinced that a few minutes of intense exercise can be an excellent tool to speed up our metabolism, stimulate all other processes in the body (including detoxification, blood circulation, and so on), that brings to about 200 calorie burn and gives an opportunity to take advantage of reduced chances to get extra pounds. For example, a great solution could be exercising with maximum effort (or working the body as much as possible) for 4-Intense Exercise5 30-second intervals can be effective to get rid of the stated amount of calories for the period of time during and after the workout, remain in a good shape and at least prevent further weight gain. Certainly, as many other experts said, the theory about high intensity exercise being more effective than hours of slow walking or jogging is an old news, but the findings published by American researchers earlier this week came out after quite a long study involving a group of healthy male participants aged between 24 and 31.

One day, the group of the participants were asked to go through a series of short 30-second intense exercise sessions with 4-5 minute periods of slow exercise breaks between the sessions, followed by a few hours of rest and recovery. Mainly, intense exercise included sprint sessions or working with maximum effort on an exercise bike in a gym. The other day, the participants were asked to stay inactive, watch TV or choose any other sort of relaxing occupation involving no physical activities. Then, a day of intense exercise routine and a day of rest were repeated quite a few times. The main idea of the study was comparing energy expenditures of the participants on every each day. At that,theĀ  research group followed the participant’s diet very strictly and looked at their calorie intake, making sure that the participants consume only as much calories as they need for their daily activities, this way avoiding overeating or under-eating.

It turned out that the practiced intense exercise routine can assist in losing about 200 calories per daily session, providing an excellent health support and aid weight loss. According to Kyle Sevits, the study leader, the findings can boost the motivation of those people who regularly start their training program but find it hard and difficult to keep up with it for a long period of time, mainly due to a lack of time and motivation. ‘We hope if exercise can be fit into a smaller period of time,then they may give exercise a go and stick with it,” he said. It is estimated that getting involved in the mentioned intense exercise routine even as small as two times a week can help maintain a proper body weight and ward off those 2-3 pounds that we usually gain every year. The findings are in a certain contradiction with official recommendation saying that 150 minute of moderate exercise or about 75 minutes of active exercise a week is required for effective weight loss and keeping our body in shape. However, as researches have confirmed, less then one on every four people in modern UK follow the official recommendation in their daily training program.

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