increased consumption of red wineHigh quality red wine is considered quite healthy and useful natural remedy, that is why  the experts from the American Dietetic Association included red wine in the list of the most recommended foods for healthy nutrition in 2010. By drinking just one glass of high quality red wine you can provide your body with natural antioxidants known for a variety of unique properties like rejuvenation, anti-cancer activity, and so on. However, it is essential to avoid increased consumption of red wine, as even high quality product can cause serious health problems. In particular, it can increase the risks of mouth cancer, according to the latest findings.

Specialists of British governmental health care organizations warn us that drinking as much as just two glasses of red wine a day can contribute in mouth cancer development and triple our chances to suffer from this serious problem. Mouth cancer is becoming more and more common type of cancer in the modern world, and it is estimated that only in the UK, about 5,000 cases of mouth cancer are diagnosed annually, causing about 1,800 deaths every year. red wineIncreased blood pressure is one more ‘side effect’ of increased consumption of red wine that can contribute to elevated risks of cardiovascular diseases like a stroke, heart attack, and so on.

The recommended daily dose of red wine is specified by health care experts and is about 200-250 ml daily intake for women, and 300-350 ml for men. Nowadays, a massive advertising campaign was launched in the British mass media in order to rise public awareness of the fact that increased red wine consumption is closely linked to very high risks of mouth cancer and elevated chances for hypertension. As the studies have shown, drinking as much as 450 ml of red wide a day can triple the risks of mouth cancer and double the risks of hypertension.

Despite of healthy effects of red wine, many experts and nutritionists advocate for increasing public anti-wine campaigns and anti-alcohol campaigns. They warn people that daily consumption of red wine is still connected to numerous dangers and risks. Specialists suggest using therapeutic properties of red wine as often as 2-3 times a week, and using just small glasses. They suggest choosing red wine with the lowest content of alcohol. Finally, governmental establishments encouraging the officials to increase taxes and governmental control of alcohol distribution. Such measure will definitely lead to prices for alcohol going up.

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