InactivityMost of us spend about 8-10 hours a day sitting around, working at the PC, watching TV, etc., and inactivity of today’s people is considered one of the main curses of our generation. It is linked to a great deal of serious health conditions including cardiovascular problems, being overweight and having serious spine problems. According to the findings of a new study conducted by a group of experts of Alberta Health Services Cancer Care in Canada, inactivity and sedentary lifestyle are also linked to developing several types of cancer, including colon cancer and breast cancer. It is estimated that about 92,000 cases of these types of cancer should be attributed to inactivity and a lack of exercise.

The scientists analyzed the lifestyle and activities of a group of post-menopausal women, and it turned out that taking a short brisk walk on a daily basis can be very effective for reducing the risks of breast cancer or colon cancer. At that, it was estimated that those women who tried to remain active and did enough of exercise had up to 25-30 per cent decreased risks of developing the mentioned types of cancer. According to the scientists, minimal physical activity is the one that embraces compensating 1 hour of sitting with at least 1-2 minutes of working out, exercising, dancing and so on.

Brisk walkThe researchers are convinced that a lack of physical activities should be placed into the list of the factors like hormone levels, having extra weight, genetics, smoking and alcohol abuse, toxins and other environmental factors, radiation and sunlight exposure, and others, which contribute greatly to cancerous cell development. ‘For many of the most common cancers, it seems like something as simple as a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can help reduce cancer risk,’ Dr. Christine Friedenreich, one of the study group leaders, underlines.

The findings of this study were recently published in Cancer Prevention Research journal and presented at the annual conference at the American Institute for Cancer Research. However, Australian specialists came up with the conclusion that even a 30-minute brisk walk may not be effective to lower the risks of breast cancer or colon cancer. According to the findings of the researchers from Australia’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes, the main idea is to make breaks in constant sitting at the table or in front of the PC. Even a one minute break can assist in preventing the mentioned diseases and other serious health complications.


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