BlueberriesBlueberries have already gained their reputation as one of the most effective natural superfoods. These amazing berries offer very potent and powerful antioxidant properties which can be used to protect our body tissues from premature aging, lower the risks of developing cancerous formations and cardiovascular diseases, aid in weight loss and decreasing belly fat, enhance our immune system and prevent a great deal of various infections. Currently, numerous studies and researches are being carried out in order to reveal more and more of health benefits of blueberries, mainly due to a high content of natural antioxidants, known also as polyphenols.

According to the findings of the latest study by the experts at the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, blueberries contain natural components which can help in growing healthy bones, as well as assist in preventing serious problems like osteoporosis, degenerative bone disease and others. Health Benefits Of BlueberriesThere properties are also attributed to special polyphenols in blueberries. Those are the compounds responsible for the color of the berries (purple or dark blue), and they can assist in improving the growth and development of bones on all stages of our life.

The study leaded by Dr. Jin-Ran Chen, Ph.D. and a lead scientist at Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, involved a series of lab experiments using juvenile rats. Some of the rats were given a special mixture of dried and frozen blueberry powder (10 percent of the daily diet), and other rats were given their normal foods. In the end of the experiment, it turned out that the animals from the first group of rats which was regularly consuming blueberry powder, had considerably more bone mass in comparison to the animals from the other group.

Further studies helped to bring the light to the issue. It turned out that that was phenolic acid that can activate the path to a better bone building properties of the body, and there are two genes, TCF and LEF, that are also involved in the process. One of those, known as beta catenin, plays a role in assisting the bone cells becoming functional and mature. However, Dr. Chen underlines that further studies and experiments can be necessary to make sure that these properties and benefits will occur in the same way in human body. To read more about the findings of this interesting research and learn more about health benefits of blueberries, check out one of the latest issues of the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.

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