Honeysuckle ExtractSummer months of blazing sun have come, and many of us are looking for effective natural solutions and herbal remedies for sunburn. At the same time, scientists go on their numerous studies and researches in order to offer us more of great and simple solutions for excellent natural UV-protection. According to the findings of the latest research published in the journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research of American Chemical Society, it can be effective to use honeysuckle extract as a safe herbal remedy to protect our skin from sunburn, premature skin aging and other harmful effects of excessive sunlight in summer.

A group of Chinese scientists carried out a study sponsored by the Priority Academic Program Development of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutions and directed on analyzing honeysuckle UV protection properties. During the experiments, it turned out that wool coated with the extract of honeysuckle could prevent negative UV effects on skin much longer than the wool without the extract. It is interesting that the action of honeysuckle extract was very powerful and remained after quite a long period of time and after a number of laundering procedures.

Health benefits of honeysuckle are well known. In traditional Chinese Medicine, this valuable medicinal plant has been used for treating respiratory diseases, fever and other health conditions. Honeysuckle extracts are very commonly used as an ingredient of various cosmetic products for skin care as this plant has excellent anti-aging and regenerative properties. It is used as a natural additive and preservation agent for many foods. The Chinese scientists suggest that honeysuckle extract can be effectively used as a natural solution for UV protection by being placed on clothing. This remedy is safe and friendly both to the environment and to our skin.

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  1. AnnaNo Gravatar Says:

    What about just putting it on your skin? I can’t use regular sunscreen even “natural” ones bother my skin so this intruiges me. I know that green tea extract is very good for combating sun damage but if I could use an herbal “sunscreen” that would be awesome!