Causes Of Weight GainObesity and its causes

Being overweight is a major problem among the old and young these days. Here are some of the major causes of weight gain.

· Inadequate exercise. People tend to put on weight when they eat more than they can burn off.

· Hypothyroidism. It is the most common factor that is generally found in people, which means the person has deficiency of thyroid hormone. A person who lacks this hormone feels reduction in metabolism of food, which results in loss of appetite and weight gain.

· Overeating and eating unhealthy foods. Those are also among the major causes of weight gain.

Obesity Is Common Among The Young People

Obesity is a common problem that is seen generally among the youth these days, as they like to have fast foods, which is an unhealthy choice. However, some of the young people these days are health conscious, and in order to ensure that they do not put on weight, they follow a proper diet and exercise regularly. People who want to lose weight also stick to a strict diet and undertake various weight loss programs.

Herbal weight loss programOnce you lose weight it is very difficult to maintain your body weight. Despite putting in a lot of effort in maintaining a healthy body weight, some people do tend to put on weight. There can be a number of reasons for weight gain after losing it. Underlying health conditions and nutritional imbalances are some of the reasons for weight gain.

Maintain weight after losing it

Setting a specific weight loss goal and reaching it is one of the easiest ways of maintaining weight after losing it. An individual tends to feel defeated after he/she stops losing weight prior to reaching a goal. This kind of feeling in the individual increases the chances of gaining back the weight. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your weight.

·  Maintain a record of the diet you take after you lose weight. This will help in preventing the bad habit of overeating. All kinds of food and beverages you take must be kept as a record.

·  Make it a habit in consuming low calorie foods that will help in maintaining weight even after you have lost it. Herbal weight loss program is beneficial in burning calories and many people strictly follow this program for weight loss.

·  It is important to eat food at the right time, and dinner must be had before 8 p.m. Chew the foods properly and eat slowly for proper digestion.

·  Ensure that you do not skip any meal during the day and have small amounts of meals at the right time. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal, therefore ensure that you do not skip your breakfast.

·  Consuming large amounts of water throughout the day. This helps in losing weight, as water acts as a natural diuretic.

·  Weight loss diet must include the foods like salads, soups, vegetables and fruits. Avoid chocolates or biscuits, instead go in for healthy and low calorie fried foods.

·  Maintain your fitness level by exercising in gyms. You can begin your exercise program by going in of cardiovascular exercise like jogging, for 30 minutes or so.  The exercise should be followed strictly so that you reach your goal of losing a good amount of weight.

Ways to burn calories

A well–balanced diet coupled with a good work out is very effective in losing weight.  There are several exercises that help reducing body weight. Some of them are listed below.

·  Physical ActivitiesWalking is the most beneficial exercise that helps in burning calories quickly. Brisk walking helps in toning legs, abdomen and hips and is a great cardio workout. Running and jogging are the other options that can be explored in order to lose weight.

·  Aerobics and yoga are best exercises to burn off your calories. Following the appropriate exercise routine will help you burn off nearly 800 calories per hour. Aerobics helps in toning the bulky parts of the body like legs, hips and so on.

·  Bicycling is a good calorie burner and helps lose weight quickly.

·  Swimming is another exercise that helps lose calories easily. You can easily burn off 800 calories by doing lengths up and down the pool for an hour. Swimming also helps in toning the body.

·  Dancing is an excellent and enjoyable way of losing weight. It targets every body part and can be effective for burning nearly 600 to 800 calories per hour. It is also a great stress reliever.

Herbal products like herbal tea or green tea can be included to a herbal weight loss program as some of the best ways to burn calories easily.  Herbal tea or green tea is best to be had with honey instead of adding sugar, which increases weight.


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