September 11, 2008

We live in the epoch of various very dangerous diseases (cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and many others), and sometimes even the most advanced treatments or treatment programs can not help us. In such situation we look for help of our Mother Nature. She truly cares about us and she has remedies and cures for thousands of human diseases. All we have to know is how to find and use them for our own good. The latest researches showed that there are many natural products, plants and herbs, that must be called “super remedies” due to their exceptional therapeutic properties. That is why in our times many people prefer using natural remedies (along with traditional pharmaceuticals) in order to accelerate the effects of such complex treatment and get cured much faster.

Herbal MedicineHerbal medicine (herbalism, phytotherapy) is a type of alternative medicine, which takes source from traditional folk medicine. It is focused on using various plants or their extracts as the key elements of treatments. Its history goes back to early civilizations, when people started looking for ways to take advantage from therapeutic properties of herbs and plants.

Modern medical science is constantly developing, and day by day a lot of new effective medications find their place at our market. Various herbs and plants with their absolutely unique medicinal properties are widely used in modern medicine. It is known that in those times when there was no advanced powerful pharmaceutical industry and various medical institutions were not yet established, herbs and plants were the only resources that could be used to cure human illnesses and diseases. Even now, herbal remedies are the most popular and trustworthy treatment option for those patients who can not use modern pharmaceuticals for one or another reason.

Traditionally, herbal remedies are considered to be quite safe and harmless “homemade” cures, which can be used in order to stop occasional light attacks of illnesses, cure some common diseases and improve general health condition of a person. At the same time, herbal medicine has a great potential for curing all sorts of hard and chronic medical conditions. In many situations, herbal remedies can be a good alternative for traditional pharmaceuticals. However, using such remedies requires deep medical knowledge and experience. That is why the best herbalists and phytotherapists always have the highest academic degrees in medicine and related fields.

Very often the patients who suffer from cold, cystitis, insomnia and other problems use certain herbal remedies and extracts without consulting their herbal specialists. At that, such patients are convinced that it is hardly possible to harm their health by using herbal remedies. Sometimes, such cures are used in wrong doses or at the wrong time. The truth is: there are certain limitations for using herbal medicines, and it is always better to get an advice of an experienced herbalist before taking any of them. If you stick to the recommendations of your doctor, phytotherapy can be even more effective in fighting with illnesses than traditional or allopathic medicine.

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