Herbal Appetite StimulantsA lack of appetite is probably more familiar to modern ladies than to today’s men as those are mostly women who have psychological issues about their physical shape and losing weight. However, appetite loss is not only connected with the attempts to eat as less as possible. A lack of appetite is also a common symptom of anorexia, a serious digestive disorder, as well as other metabolism disorders. Other reasons of appetite loss include certain medical therapies, depression and serious psychological disorders, some illnesses like cancer or severe infections, and so on.

It is very important to support the function of the digestive system and treat such condition as appetite loss.  Those patients who want immediate and very powerful effects can use a number of prescription medications available in the market. However, it is also possible to use safe and effective treatments: herbal appetite stimulants. The easiest way and the most affordable recommendation is to add great amounts of fruit and veggies to your daily diet. In particular, eating lots of fruit and the greens like lettuce and alfalfa can help to regain appetite and provide your body with valuable nutrients and vitamins.

Digestive StimulantsHerbal teas are supposed to be the best digestive stimulants. Green tea and chamomile tea are among the most common and available ones. Devil’s Claw tea is another effective option, which has been known as an excellent natural tonic and herbal appetite stimulant. Those who want to stimulate appetite but do not want to trigger the function of the digestive system too actively can opt for dandelion leave tea. This herbal remedy can help to relieve many digestive problems like constipation, nausea and so on.

Other herbal appetite stimulants include such medicinal herbs as Saw palmetto, wormwood, Lemon balm, fenugreek, chives, horehound, hops, gentian, wild lettuce, centaury, cayenne pepper, ginger root and others. One of the most effect traditional appetite stimulant – ginseng – can be used by those people who need to gain weight and improve the function of the immune system. Such digestive stimulants as Cranberry juice, peppermint tea or Angelica root tea should be consumed shortly before the mealtime. It is possible to recommend also Cnicus benedictus infusion and turmeric, which can also treat chronic digestive disorders.

Finally, those who want to use a complex approach in order to combat the problem like constant lack of appetite in a natural way, can give a try to aromatherapy. It is recommended to use such essential oils as grapefruit, rosewood, Frankincense or tarragon oils. Also, taking natural supplements containing vitamin A, biotin, niacin, zinc and other nutrients important for digestion can work out. Talk to your health care specialist to learn more about herbal appetite stimulants and possible side effects of using them.

Author Info: Hi! My name is Carla and I am a 5th year medical student at HYMS. I am interested in alternative medicine and I have done months researching the topic of herbal medicine. Besides, I like interviewing people and learning more about their experiences with one or another type of herbal treatments. I am willing to contribute to this site with my knowledge, and I would be happy to help you out to the best of my ability with any specific questions or problems related to alternative medicine.

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