Healthiest Salad IngredientsSummer is the time for light and healthy nutrition, especially the time for such refreshing and thirst quenching meals as salads. A healthy salad is good for everyone, but what is a good salad? Certainly, every world’s culture has own standards and tradition as to the most common healthy summer salad ingredients. Below, there is a list of the healthiest ones that can be used in summer for preparing healthy breakfasts and bites.

1. Greens. For me, it is hard to imagine a salad without greens, and lettuce will definitely be the first I would think about. But there are many more: parsley, rocket, thyme, basil, majoran, spinach, broccoli, cabbage, escarole, romaine and many more. Greens are low calorie, as well as a very beneficial and nutritious healthy salad ingredients. They are rich with fiber and can add volume to your salad, so use as many greens as you like!

2. Veggies. Anything that can be consume raw is good for a summer salad: slices tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, carrots, radishes, peas and so on. No need to repeat that veggies are packed with natural vitamins and nutrients, all you need is just be sure that the veggies you use as your summer salad ingredients are 100% organic.

3. Fruit. You can add any favorite fruit you like to your summer salad, but such ones like apples, apricots, pomegranate, various berries and raisins are probably the best. Also, use orange or lemon juice as the healthiest summer salad dressings. Craisins, or dried out cranberries, is a new and very healthy trend in the world of salad fans.

4.Summer Salad IngredientsWhole grains. Using oatmeal, popcorn, boiled brown rice, cracked wheat or barley is an excellent adding to your summer salad. They can provide you will proteins and fiber necessary for your daily activities and excellent health.

5. Beans. They are among the best choices as beans are packed with proteins, fiber, and in addition have excellent powers to fill us up. Use canned or boiled beans as one of the healthiest salad ingredients.

6. Seeds and nuts. Top your salad with a palmful of pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, crashed walnuts or cashews. You’ll enjoy a special taste of the meal, as well as consume a little of vitamins B and E, useful natural minerals and fatty acids. Nuts and seeds are great and healthy summer salad ingredients, which can also make it crunchy and nourishing.

Finally, use a tablespoon of lemon juice and a high quality olive oil as the healthiest summer salad dressings.

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