Pomegranate juice benefitsRecently, the specialists at California Medical School found out that pomegranate juice should be considered the best natural antioxidant beverage, which leaves green tea and red wine far behind. After studying the most important pomegranate juice benefits, the group of scientists announced that this miraculous juice can block oxidation processes in our body cells more effectively than orange, grape or blackberry juices. At that, the potential of pomegranate juice to prevent oxidation is 20% higher than those of green tea and red wine. Let’s start drinking this juice, guys??

For centuries, blood-red pomegranate fruit was linked to excellent health and fertility. This natural source of vitamin C and tannin is famous for such health benefits of pomegranate juice, as preventing cancer (especially prostate, breast and lung) and protecting against heart disease, which is becoming more and more common health problem. This can be achieved at the expense of very effective cholesterol lowering properties of pomegranate fruit and juice. Also, according to the findings of a recent study, consuming only about 1.7 ounces of this juice every day is linked to blood pressure normalization, stronger blood arteries and effective blood circulation.

Health benefits of pomegranate juiceSome researches proved that pomegranate juice benefits also include positive effects on our bone structure, as well as the ability to prevent the development of osteoarthritis. One of the most important health benefits of pomegranate juice is slowing down and preventing negative chemical processes in our brain. These negative reactions sometimes can lead to such diseases as Alzheimer’s and others, so drinking pomegranate juice can lower the chances of having such problems. Finally, it is said that regular consumption of pomegranate juice is associated with excellent dental health as this natural product can effectively prevent dental plug formation.

However, the key health benefits of pomegranate juice are connected with its antioxidant properties as these properties have positive effects on our overall health and can significantly slow down aging. Everyone can enjoy these benefits as pomegranate juice is available in our markets year round and is quite affordable. Try to use only 100% high quality pomegranate juice, free of sugar and any artificial elements. Also, do not forget to check with a health care specialist before starting any serious therapy involving pomegranate juice.

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  1. VarunNo Gravatar Says:

    I just love carrot and pomegranate juice. Unfortunately pomegranate is very expensive in India and New Zealand. In NZ, sometimes 1 single piece costs like $4 in summer time. In order to juice them you need at least 5 or 6 of them. Even drinking it twice a week would require you to shell out $40 – $50 but I think its worth it considering its benefits.