CucumberCucumber (Cucumis sativus), a fruit that belongs to the same family as zucchini, watermelon and pumpkins. Cucumbers originate from India and since ancient times these fruit were taken as a desert, that is why in modern Pakistan and other Eastern countries cucumbers are served among the fruit like apples, peaches, melons and others. However, in the West cucumber is, undoubtedly, a king of salads and one of the best thirst quenchers in summer. There are slicing varieties of cucumbers which we eat fresh and put to our veggie salads, and special pickling varieties, which are usually smaller.

Health Benefits Of CucumberMany believe that cucumber is nothing but water and all it can do just refresh and quench the thirst. However, cucumbers are very nutritious and valuable fruit. 100 g of cucumber has 70 calories, 80 mg of potassium, 27 mg of phosphorus, 32 mg of calcium, 17 mg of carbohydrates, 1.8 mg of iron, as well as vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin and B group vitamins, molybdenum, magnesium, tryptophan, dietary fiber and so on. Due to this rich nutritional content, health benefits of cucumbers are numerous!

In particular, cucumbers are very good sources of iodine, which assists in improving our memory, blood vessels and the function of our thyroid glad. Calcium serves for improving the quality of our hair and nails, sulfur and silica have positive effects on our teeth and dental health, and potassium stimulates liquid removal from the body, as well as helps to normalize blood pressure. Also, cucumber is rich in enzymes, which help in digesting proteins. One more of important health benefits of cucumber is its being very effective as a weight loss aid.

Many specialists recommend cucumber juice therapy to treat such problems as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Drinking a glass of cucumber juice a  day, you can stimulate your metabolism, cleanse your liver, lower the risks of pancreatic disease, strengthen your dental health and nervous system. Finally, fresh cucumber juice can be used externally to moisturize and soother your skin. To enjoy this therapeutic effects, you should make juice from the cucumbers which are not peeled.

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